Enthusiast trying to fix one of the worst shooters of today

Fan of the universe “Strangers” to restore order in the disastrous Aliens: Colonial Marines from Gearbox. Fans of the series are pinned on the project hope — the action promised to be the best game based on the movie by James Cameron (Yes, the original filmed by Ridley Scott, but Cameron first showed space Marines). But dreams did not come true: the final product has disappointed almost all and was panned by critics. To fix the many problems there was no hurry.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

The Modder under the nickname TemplarGFX working on the long-suffering Colonial Marines for two years and “rebuilds” shooter “brick by brick”. Changes differently exposed to almost all aspects of the game. Updated action is almost similar to the original no gameplay or visually. Recently TemplarGFX presented the fifth under the account the version of the modification Overhaul Mod. She, unlike predecessors, is an “overhaul” — if the previous edition was ruled by only a few levels, the latter option replaces all the locations of games on updated and improved.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

In addition, as mentioned above, downloaded the Overhaul Mod users will receive not only a superior location but and completely revamped artificial intelligence. Both the alien and friendly Marines, whose stupidity and unpredictable behavior became a byword and not derided, probably just lazy. Now the Marines are better oriented in space and more precisely aim, but other people aren’t going to meet the bullets. There was also increased the speed at which the AI of the xenomorph species makes decisions and adapts to what is happening, and their balance has been reworked so that the significant damage they receive in case of contact with the head. All this made the game more difficult.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines

In addition, TemplarGFX fixed many errors that were made by the developers at Gearbox. For example, the author of the modifications brought to mind the “broken” mechanic of shooting where the target was unnecessarily complex. To top it off, the Modder tried to make Aliens: Colonial Marines atmospheric, slightly changing the animation and dialogue of the characters so that they always correspond to the game situation and looked more naturally and organically.

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