15651 Enthusiasts have shown in the video the iPhone 8
Enthusiasts have shown in the video the iPhone 8

Enthusiasts have shown in the video the iPhone 8

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Enthusiasts have shown in the video the iPhone 8

One of the most well-known it observers Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, has shared on his YouTube channel a very interesting video. In this clip he shows the quality of the layout is yet to be announced Apple iPhone 8.

Where does he get this confidence that the future smartphone from Apple will be that way? Brownlie best it journalist on the planet. But seriously, he just gathered all more or less true rumors about this device and showed us a ready-made layout. What is remarkable, the layout is almost a perfect smartphone that could really go on sale. And the ability of Marquez to work in this editor, as After Affects, showed us how to make this device enabled display.


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What did we see?

The first thing that is very impressive, it is virtually frameless. Also on the front panel of the device, we were able to see the location of the different sensors and dynamics directly in the center. This arrangement is fully consistent with the leaked iPhone 8 firmware for the HomePod.

Макет iPhone 8 от MKBHD

According to Marquez, it looks quite strange. Still Apple we’re used to seeing a design that is “polished”. But despite this, the update’s appearance will definitely gain more fans. Also it is unknown how it will change for the smartphone, since the center has always housed a clock. Where it will be moved remains a mystery.

As for the size, despite the display size of 5.7-5.8 inch, thanks to the narrow framework it will become even smaller iPhone 7.

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Rear panel of the smartphone is made of glass, which in itself rule out support wireless charging technology. Someone will still be, well, someone may be very upset, the 21st century after all.

Макет iPhone 8 от MKBHD

If we talk about the fingerprint scanner, then, according to MKBHD, Apple will place it in the power button/lock of the device. That is why the iPhone 8 it’s a bit more than we’re used to seeing.

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