EOS 200D: first Canon SLR camera with selfie mode

Canon has released a new digital SLR camera EOS 200D — photography in high quality

Kyiv, 30 June 2017 — Canon, a world leader in providing solutions for imaging, produces the EOS 200D. New digital camera makes it easy to share stories about themselves and the world around us through images of the highest quality. EOS 200D is designed for beginners potentiostat, which is not enough possibilities of your smartphone. If you’re ready for a new level of quality and expressiveness, but not yet had time to acquire experience with SLR cameras, this model will be a perfect start.

EOS 200D — stylish, lightweight and easy to handle model created to improve the skills photos and videos. The camera will be a great help for anyone who can’t wait to tell the world your story. Compact and lightweight, EOS 200D and cope with the sunset over the Taj Mahal, and with a family portrait at home. Comfortable design and high quality photography will help out in any situation.

Latest technology premium

EOS 200D is the most easy in the world of digital SLR camera Canon equipped with a display with adjustable angle наклона1 and a number of the newest capabilities of 2017, borrowed from the flagship models from Canon. High quality each picture is guaranteed. So, EOS 200D provides the highest resolution across the frame, from the deepest shadows to the brightest areas and allows to control depth of field to create beautiful blurred background.

EOS 200D is equipped with the world’s fastest autofocus technology Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which instantly helps to focus exactly on the selected object and guarantees its maximum sharpness. The newest APS-C sensor enhances shooting in low light: you can make beautiful pictures even after sunset, the time of appearance of the first stars.

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In addition, the new model is equipped with the latest processor Canon DIGIC 7. It automatically optimizes settings, providing outstanding image quality with minimal noise under any conditions.

Easy handling and higher image quality

EOS 200D is equipped with a viewfinder and a touch screen with adjustable tilt angle. This will help the novice photographer get used to the peculiarities of digital photography. The viewfinder will allow to exactly see the future frame and the screen with a variable angle will give the opportunity to take pictures from various angles. You can easily switch between screen and viewfinder, for perfect shot will not have long to find the settings. In addition, the touch screen will facilitate the transition from a conventional smartphone.

Intuitive interface EOS 200D will help to understand the camera’s features in the process. Easy-to-use visual guide with tips teaches the subtleties of preferences, showing how the change will affect the final photo. Of course, when you become the expert, this feature can be turned off.

Stylish design and compatibility with smartphones

EOS 200D is the first digital SLR camera Canon equipped with mode self. Specially for fans of Instagram she is able to smooth out the skin tones and blur the background. EOS 200D will become not only indispensable, but also a stylish accessory for those who like to consider your appearance to chance. The camera is available in three color options: classic black Canon, Black, original vintage white and silver beige.

The camera is compatible with smartphones and supports connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® . Even in the way you can quickly publish high-quality photos via the app Canon Camera Connect.

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This amazing light and handy camera is equipped with the latest Canon technology. Lenses, flashes and accessories from Canon ecosystem is pushing the boundaries of possibilities EOS 200D, allowing you to shoot in any genre and under any conditions. Stylish appearance, compatible with smartphones and compact design make EOS 200D is the perfect tool for those who wish to step on new level of skill.

Protective fabric PC-E1

Protective fabric PC-E1 — a matter which will protect EOS 200D or any other entry level camera with the lens. Attach the protective cloth to the camera strap, you will be able at any moment to wrap it around the device and fix an elastic rubber band. Protective fabric PC-E1 is perfect for photographers working in the nature.

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