Error Sony and PayPal led to the ban of thousands of players in the PlayStation Network

The PlayStation community erupted serious scandal. Recently PayPal has suddenly taken an unwanted (and unwelcome) return of funds to users of PlayStation Network. It would seem that a small glitch in the system that will work with ease. But no, it was only the beginning of problems. After the incident, the Twitter accounts of British and American support PlayStation have been inundated with angry messages and complaints: due to unexpected problems with PayPal Sony banned thousands of users.

Sony PlayStation Network

The scheme is simple enough: a chargeback has left users in debt, due to which the system automatically banned. Then the company essentially did nothing wrong. However, an anonymous source from PayPal says that everything is the fault of Sony. Who is right and who is wrong, time will tell. Now Sony is attempting to solve the issue and to the extent possible is unlock. Some users on Reddit, NeoGAF, and Twitter has already announced the lifting of the ban from their accounts.


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