Fable Rush is a tale

Tales — solid goodness and morality. To them, each pupil is required to find his beautiful Princess, dishwasher — Prince, and the villains get their well-deserved head slaps. Tradition breaks the Fable Rush. In this game genre, “three in a row” heroes random quote master Yoda and offer to punch enemies from a nearby forest. Adventure you will remember colored noses fictional creatures that need to clear their land.

Platform: Android

Version: 1.0

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.0 or higher

Category: Puzzle

Fable Rush as the first day in marriage: from the beginning we were waiting for people and a lot of responsibilities. Talking about Bubendorf. A magician dressed in a gray cloak, in his hand a staff, in General, a character from “Lord of the rings”, he recalls not only the name. He calls you “little playful adventurer” and is constantly coughing. It’s unnerving at first, but after a few minutes Bubendorf already seems native.

Fable Rush

The wizard shares his story. Not so long ago the earth captured kubacki — evil creatures that destroy everything in its path. And, of course, you have to destroy them, and why you — is unclear. Why magician Bubendorf frankly is a net and not using their magic — the same question. But no, the enemies themselves also will not stop. Leave to fight.

Fable Rush

Fable Rush

Located on the playing field of kubiki different colors. It’s simple: poke your finger in their evil snouts and swap adjacent monsters sometimes. If there will be a line of three or more enemies of the same color they will disappear and we get points. The goal is to complete the job. For some levels enough to score 400 points in 10 moves. Others will have to stretch your gaming legs and get a thousand points for 30 seconds.

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Fable Rush

Each stage brings the exile chubarkov. Only fifty levels, with different tasks and textures.

Fable Rush

Fun to play, especially at speed. For such jobs you need to turn off the brain and as quickly as possible with the toes. The playing field seems a bit small, but increasing it is impossible.

Fable Rush

Fable Rush

The highlight of the app adds humor. Bubendorf constantly wants to smack someone blows. The bear wears the hat. Still have a cat, named cat, because he’s a cat. Details seemingly insignificant, in and of themselves may not be funny, but in combination create the perfect mood and make you smile.

Fable Rush

Fable Rush

The game is free with in-app purchases for real money mined coins and faster restores health, need for restarts.

Fable Rush — funny puzzle game for free minutes. Takes the casual atmosphere of banter and definitely will appeal to lovers of jokes medium fineness and fans of casual games who wish to relax.


  • good mechanics “three in a row”;
  • the existence of the plot;
  • a variety of tasks;
  • humor and jokes.


  • a small playing field cannot be increased.

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