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Facebook and Nokia will accelerate-optic Internet

The amount of data transmitted on the Internet is increasing every month, and professionals and then have to find new ways to deliver traffic between the continents. Currently these methods two expensive satellite Internet and least expensive transoceanic fiber-optic lines. Their number increases continuously, but the problem lies in the relatively slow laying and considerable cost. Facebook and Nokia have found a way to improve performance of each individual communication channel, increasing its capacity by almost 2.5 times. When the mass implementation of the technology will be able to more effectively use the already laid fiber-optic communication channels.

Facebook Nokia

The technology is in the implementation of quadrature modulation, which provides a significant speed boost. When testing on a commercial fiber-optic channel, a length of 3 400 miles between new York and Ireland, on commercial lines managed to increase the speed to 200 GB/s. In the experimental network speed increased to 250 GB/s. it is Reported that quadrature modulation has the potential to bring the speed to the maximum limit of fiber. In the future Facebook and Nokia want to increase the speed of data transmission to a fibre channel connection to an incredible 32 Tbit/s.

Source: engadget.com

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Facebook and Nokia will accelerate-optic Internet

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