Far Cry 5, The Last of Us II and other intriguing E3 2017

Breaking through extremely cold in may, Windows and doors knocked, not too hot summer. And with it the most important event of the gaming industry — Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3. While the largest companies and famous Studio bring the final touches on their presentations, solder the guests together and laugh at the competitors, we remind, what to expect and what you should expect in the period from 10 to 15 June. It will be hot — no doubt!

Sport, war and cars Electronic Arts

When? 10 Jun at 22:00 (Moscow time)

Will open the season on the show EA — the range of games has long been known, and it generally impressive. First and foremost we are waiting for the flood of sports games for every taste (Madden NFL 18, 18 svezheanonsirovannaya FIFA, NBA LIVE 18), as well as showing the new DLC for Battlefield. The highlight of the same program probably will be Star Wars Battlefront II from DICE, Criterion Software and Motive Studios.

Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II и другие интриги E3

The latter is particularly interesting, considering how “naked” was the original. Sample Battlefront 2015 tried to catch solely multiplayer, which developed the DICE — the authors of the famous series Battlefield. Criterion, creators of Burnout and furious shooter Black, in turn, are responsible for the battle in space. Attempt number 2 in addition to multiplayer modes, single-player campaign — it is prepared by wizards of the Motive Studios, which was founded by jade Raymond, the first Assassin’s Creed. Moreover, the single will give see the conflict of the Dark Side and the Light from an unusual angle: through the eyes of an officer of the Empire. Bold move — I wonder whether there will be the main character in the upcoming “Episode VIII”?

Do not forget just recently Need for Speed: Payback. Clearly inspired by the movie series “fast and furious” race is developed by Swedish Studio Ghost Games and hits shelves on November 10. Obvious platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Scorpions bezrybe from Microsoft

When? 12 June at 00:00 (GMT)

Games-games, and the most intriguing event of the week threatens to be the show Xbox Scorpio is the newest console that over the past year who not only praised. Oil poured into the fire comparatively recently announced the technical specifications of the Scorpio, it is highly admirable by the standards of its competitors. If the Americans are right to draw trumps, PlayStation 4, and Pro will have to move.

[embedded content]

Alas, in addition to promising “hardware” Microsoft has little to offer spectators. Scalebound from Platinum Games? Abolished in January, and although the company has renewed the rights to the trademark, wait for a miracle is pointless. Crackdown 3? Unlikely superhero action to surprise someone. Halo 6 also should not wait: 343 Industries announced that the Master chief and his team will bypass the Los Angeles Convention center.


Heroes and fanatics Ubisoft

When? 12 June at 23:00 (Moscow time)

Recently changed the logo of the French company also adheres to the principle of “not quantity, but quality.” The collection of banal, but who are we to judge?

So, Los Angeles will bring Far Cry 5. Information about a shooter (minus synopsis) with gulkin nose, but something is for sure — without towers and eccentric villain, this time religious, not cost. Perhaps the last will be delivered in the race The Crew 2 — the first part is just not enough of a vivid antagonist. We learn of our upcoming interviews and trailers.

[embedded content]

The Ubisoft conference would be complete without another demonstration of South Park: The Fractured but Whole. Play The Stick of Truth (which deals somehow Ubisoft San Francisco, not Obsidian Entertainment) and so late in development.

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“That’s it?” — the French have for now. The rest is just too daring speculations and reflections, read about which in the final article.


Mushrooms and Scandinavian gods Sony

When? June 13 at 4:00 (Moscow time)

Sony is likely to rest on its laurels: last year was so much shock announcements and trailers, head spinning. Together we bend fingers: Naughty Dog will certainly bring the first demo of The Last of Us: Part II, the sequel to one of the best games in the history of the industry. What happened to Ellie and Joel, who are they going to get revenge, and how many years will we have to wait until the release?

[embedded content]

Come to the conference and another exclusive for PS4 zombie shooter: Days Gone from Bend Studio, creators of Syphon Filter and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Narrate the novelty will be about the awesome guy named deacon St. John was once a normal biker, and now the bounty hunter clinging to life during the post-Apocalypse. Development, interestingly, was conducted since 2010, before the release of The Last of Us. In short, it’s not a copycat, and a distant relative.

Will be back on screens Kratos — without favorite swords, but with a manly beard and a little boy as partner. The numbers in the title, tellingly, is not, and place the action moved to Scandinavia. This “W” — for a reason! The novelty will be a so-called “soft reboot” (soft reboot) — not a full restart, but the compromise title to and newcomers was good, and veterans of the series had in mind. Development, of course, is Santa Monica Studio, the authors of the previous parts. But this time, they promise to focus on the story component of the action.

[embedded content]

Despite the postponement of the release date (end of 2017 to spring 2018), we have no doubt that Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar also look at the light. It is difficult to say during which conferences it will happen, but assume that Western will roll out in the midst of the benefit of Sony. And then, who knows, and new information will be provided: with a pair of trailers and a picture pack will not run.

The same goes for Spider-Man from Insomniac Games: PS4-exclusive was announced last summer, has released a handful of screenshots, and then as the water sank. We know only one thing: to kynoselen Marvel it is irrelevant.

Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II и другие интриги E3

Knowing Bungie, the exhibition will bring a few gameplay videos and demo multiplayer shooter Destiny 2. Let her not so long ago devoted a whole presentation, once the attention of the public the game is clearly not hurt.

Once Call of Duty was demonstrated on the presentations of Microsoft, but lately Activision likes to rip up templates. WWII, announced in late April return to the subject of the Second World War, promises to be spectacular, cinematic, and, oddly, realistic adventure. At least that is what promise to the employees of Sledgehammer Games. No more health regeneration on the battlefield! But the zombie will remain without them.

[embedded content]

The last potential Playstation-exclusive, which will almost certainly reveal at E3 2017 — Detroit: Become Human, another interactive movie by David cage and Quantic Dream. After dark thrillers of our time the Studio decided to travel into the future and tell about the hard “life” of humanoid robots. Like Heavy Rain, the story will develop from a few characters — and the death of one of them will not put an end to the story. The project’s release date is still kept secret.


Italian Odyssey Nintendo

When? 13 June at 19:00 (Moscow time)

With Microsoft and Sony as a whole is clear. How is Nintendo? As usual in the hat, or rather a cap with the letter “M”.

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Although the firm is not their big conference (the next Nintendo Direct), impressions and unique to the E3 demo guaranteed. With full confidence we can say that the exhibition in all its glory will show Super Mario Odyssey — announced in January platformer, which many for some reason reminded of Grand Theft Auto for kids.

Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II и другие интриги E3

In fact, the new spirit will remind you of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine: no more flirting with space (as in novels Galaxy), everything is much more traditional. The main novelty the opportunity to throw his hat and use it as a platform for jumping. The game will be released, of course, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

From Nintendo waiting for the demonstration of the long-awaited Xenoblade Chronicles 2 — the original 2010 many recognized as the best RPG of the last generation of consoles. At the moment about the project little is known: what happens on a Switch somewhere in 2017 (if not postponed) and that are involved in the development the author of the Xeno-cycle Tetsuya Takahashi (whose track list reference Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Front Mission).

The main surprise of the show, obviously, was to be the announcement of Mario + Kingdom Rabbids Battle — exclusive step-by-step Switch (!) RPG (!!) with the regime of cooperative transmission. And rabbits. Oddly enough, the publication and the development will not Nintendo itself, Ubisoft (specifically the Paris and Milan offices).

Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II и другие интриги E3

Considering what a furor in its time, made multiplayer action game Splatoon, its sequel simply have to present with fanfare. Major updates to the formula Nintendo has not made: only perese familiar game with the Wii U on the Switch and added new weapons and modes. Unusual fighting ARMS, hit the last weeks, is also unlikely to pass.

But with further announcements it’s not so obvious. Looking at Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it is assumed that the new console will take a fighting game and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Insiders of the same opinion — the Network has already leaked obviously fake screenshot of a Switch-version of the game. What the hell.


Just fantastic

What could be the material about E3 without speculation? No conference will not be without surprises — the time to guess.

One of the most anticipated in the nation announcement is Bloodborne from FromSoftware II. The first part, exclusive to the PlayStation 4, once captivated many gamers around the world, and Supplement thereto, The Old Hunters, only strengthened the position of the new IP. Hidetaka Miyazaki had just finished with Dark Souls — it’s time to return to Lovecraftian horrors. But the Internet does not sleep: was rumoured that the Japanese bring to California is not a sequel, but an independent project called The Phantom Weil. Waiting for a teaser or at least a hint.

Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II и другие интриги E3

The second “dark horse” exhibition is considered Resistance 4 — sci-Fi shooter about the war of humanity with a sinister race of Chimeras. The first two parts of the series special trace in the history of the industry have left, but the third turned out to be one of the main surprises of 2011. Is Insomniac decided to revive the cycle?

Almost certainly Ubisoft will roll out on stage in new Assassin’s Creed: so two years sitting without new adventures of the assassins. The haunting is plausible screenshot — looks like the game will happen in Egypt, and the subtitle of the project will be non-trivial Origins. The pyramids and Sands — the setting is not well-worn and potentially interesting, but will the new product reach the level of Assassin’s Creed II or IV?

Another pain in the bag is the sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order, a magnificent revival of the famous series of shooters id Software. It has long been hinted as a voice actor, and Bethesda itself: no wonder that at the beginning of last year’s conference flashed the name of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II и другие интриги E3

And speaking of Bethesda and lost in limbo sequels, it’s worth remembering The Evil Within 2 — the last horror game, Shinji Mikami, “father” of Resident Evil and Vanquish. Let the first part of the furore and has not made, is not a reason to send promising IP in the trash.

After the release of Bayonetta on PC Internet is full of rumors about the imminent announcement of the third part of the famous slasher. And for good reason: the Studio Platinum Games for some reason posted a number of clips from the first part — this is supposedly a “training of popular English phrases”. It’s hard to believe: it was too kind of a phrase.

[embedded content]

In addition, the authors Metal Gear Rising can present to E3 a totally unique project: the President of the company recently let slip about the new IP and the new Director, whose abilities would have to check. Not a sequel, not a reboot — what is it?

At Take-Two Interactive (owners of Rockstar) also have their own aces up his sleeve — and it’s not only about Red Dead Redemption 2. More recently, the company spoke of plans “to continue the famous series (not RDR and not GTA), and to release the project by March, 2019”. What could it be? The Internet suggests that it is either about Borderlands 3 or the new BioShock. Both hypotheses sound plausible. Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox, has promised to return players to the planet of Pandora, and 2K once mentioned that he plans to milk the BioShock even without the involvement of Ken Levine and Irrational Games.

Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II и другие интриги E3

Our beloved Square Enix also has something to boast about: in may Dontnod Entertainment announced that it is developing a new adventure in the universe of Life is Strange. And develops, by the way, long time, since the beginning of last year. Quite possibly, at E3 we are waiting for a teaser or as knowing the full announcement. And it’s not talking about the prequel, which other busy people. In addition, the Square got its best people to create games based on kynoselen Marvel — suddenly to be held the first presentation of any “Iron man” from Eidos Montreal?

“Death And The Stranding?” — asks the inquisitive reader. By: Hideo kojima said that the mysterious project will be delivered in Los Angeles, say, to work on it necessary. However, knowing the Maestro, it could just be a ploy to gather more applause during the sudden (and supposedly unplanned) display.

[embedded content]

But it is rather speculation. All points over “i” will put the press conference, most of which will take place in the dead of night. Want to look at the main event of the June live, clap along with a huge audience and to delight in the previews before your friends? Then record and put the alarm clock.

A full schedule of conferences and shows (Moscow time):

  • Press conference Electronic Arts: 10 Jun, 22:00
  • Press conference of Microsoft on 12 June, 00:00
  • Press conference Bethesda Softworks: June 12, 7:00
  • PC Gaming Show: June 12, 20:00
  • Press conference Ubisoft: June 12th, 23:00
  • Press conference Sony: June 13, 4:00
  • Nintendo Direct: June 13, 19:00

All the others (who are not planning to sacrifice sleep for the sake of spectacles) we invite you to see our results of the conferences that will appear regularly on the website. The latest information, fresh announcements, trailers in normal quality are waiting for you on 4PDA from 10 to 15 June.


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