9066 First impressions of Tekken 7: old dogs, new combos will not teach

First impressions of Tekken 7: old dogs, new combos will not teach

They say all genius is simple, and brevity — the sister of talent. In this case, the genre of fighting games is unmatched: at the forefront is always the sport and only the sport is bloody, cruel, to tremble at the knees spectacular. The script is not important — but try explaining that to the creators of any Mortal Kombat or Guilty Gear. So Namco Bandai following in the footsteps of competitors, screwed to the console edition of Tekken 7 long single-player campaign at 30 chapters. After spending a couple hours in the narrow family circle of the Mishima clan, we are ready to share the first impressions.

Two go — go one

The experts will rush to correct is really not the first “Iron Fist Tournament” type-as-plot. In Tekken 5, between battles across little spoken interlude, and somewhere in the bowels of the game was hiding a special mode Devil Within, where the fighting turned into a crooked fighter. But in the seventh part, the authors go further: what used to be considered boring appendage to the main dish (arcade/multiplayer, as anyone), suddenly dusted off, polished and put on the top of the title screen.

Tekken 7

No more experiments from now on Namco Bandai just copying the formula of Injustice and the last Mortal Kombat where after each little bit of extended dialogue, the participants begin to knock each other’s teeth hurl. We must pay tribute — this scheme works. In the right hands, and surgically adjusted proportions.

The problem is that choosing the right form of storytelling and abuhav millions in graphics and production team Katsuhiro Harada missed — the script that the gameplay in the single raise questions of very different kinds. First, however, it is clear that the so — again Tekken is famous for Mexican passions involving the devil gene, why would the seventh of a series of slow degrees of nonsense? But here, the authors found the (unpleasant) surprise.

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Awkward scraps-sketches, boldly called in the main menu “history”, describes the mouth of a faceless journalist who lost his family because of the raging world war. The purpose of the widower is obvious — to take revenge on the clan Mishima and Jin personally strangle Kazama, the man who this pointless (from the point of view of the ordinary reporter) conflict.

Tekken 7

Inquiries sitting in libraries and traveling around the world, “Neoproterozoic” delves into the events of the past and helpless watching real. And the player, meanwhile, swings the feet of famous characters, trying in vain to figure out what’s going on, and most importantly — why is this laced soap Opera must be interesting to someone. Remember full-length computer movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, with running water pandas and endless soplezhuystvo of the two girls? Judging by the 8 chapters that showed “Softklab”, the level of supply in Tekken 7 the same — or worse, everything is so crumpled (of course)dead serious.

Disappointing but not the total helplessness of the writers, but missed their opportunities. Campaign (proudly entitled “the Saga of the Mishima clan”) begins with a tragic bout with Kazuo little Heihachi, during which a violent father throws son off the mountain — and then the deal with the devil and other pleasures of life. The tone is set perfectly after the entry of such a powerful and terse are not bright parafraza other legendary moments series. Something like the penultimate Mortal Kombat, only without the multi-colored ninjas. Alas.

Tekken 7

Notorious briochette, meanwhile, puts a spoke in the wheel the most important — gameplay. In contrast to all of the same MK and Injustice, gradually introducing more and more new fighters and raising the bar of difficulty, constantly juggles Tekken 7 characters, heaping them on the unsuspecting gamer. One second play of Lars, then suddenly as Lee followed Alice back to… And finally, without any workout and sane tips, give into the hands of Akuma from Street Fighter and pits with extremely aggressive (and often chiarasini) enemies. In such circumstances, to learn or at least get used to the controls impossible: inertia click on the friends button, and Lars is a tricky uppercut pulls out a gun and clumsily begins to shoot and then gets on the head.

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Iron fist

However, if you go beyond the frankly crude “Saga” and go in some “Fight for treasure”, Tekken 7 is transformed. It turns out that it works as a long and well-oiled machine, fighting game dream for those who grew up on tapes of Corey Yuen and Yuan hapina. But who would have thought that disposing of the action boring plot and leaving only the relish, the product will only get better?

Tekken 7

Each battle looks like a pricey kung fu action staged by masters of their craft — the animation is gorgeous, the effects are always needed, and every stroke felt really juicy. Over the prone to on-screen extravaganza of colors and prazdnestva choreography fun to just watch from the side — what really is there to talk about himself the Herz-TS combos and knocking out the colorful tights of a Mexican wrestler. Yes, more technical Virtua Fighter, and Street Fighter is deeper, no other game about martial arts tournaments and brings so much pleasure from the hand cuffs. That’s what “polished to a Shine”.

Although the overall gameplay has not changed much (know Yes Masha limbs), Namco Bandai added in the combat system is one new feature: now rage mode not only gives a boost to damage, but allows you to have one powerful superudar — something like X-ray from Mortal Kombat.

Tekken 7

It would seem a trifle, but the dynamics of the battle changed dramatically: now the wounded enemy at any moment can change the course of battle — and what kind, to snatch victory in the most inopportune moment. It is particularly interesting this is reflected in the battles against real opponents — AI-it keeps the cards until the (sad) end, but ordinary people become sentimental. Now the ending of any match turns into adrenaline match, in which one wrong move, one missed attack could decide the outcome of the tournament. Checked, as they say, on personal experience.

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Look before you leap

Despite the very mixed feelings from the advertised story campaign, first impressions of Tekken 7 has caused excellent — mainly because the gameplay is still good, but the bike, fortunately, decided not to break. Just added a few mechanic introduced bright beginners and carefully transferred everything into Unreal Engine 4 (not losing the way of framerate). And most importantly — the brutal, action — left as is.

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To release less than a month, and during this time Namco Bandai is unlikely that anything major will change, but even as such, the new Tekken can claim the title of the main fighting game of the year. We managed to watch quite a bit of modes, and online, alas, was banned, but that’s okay — work up an appetite. At least, after the first acquaintance with the game it’s only been a day and already want to return. And that says a lot.

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