11466 [for publicity] Disassembly Aermoo M1: open secrets protected flagship

[for publicity] Disassembly Aermoo M1: open secrets protected flagship

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Разборка Aermoo M1: раскрываем секреты защищенного флагмана

Secure smartphone will be a true friend and while relaxing on the beach, and when overruns on nature. Today, such devices are very popular, and they produce not only eminent manufacturers like Samsung. Some brands specializiruetsya in the production of durable devices with protection against dust and water according to the IP68 standard. These include a new model Aermoo M1, which also provides good characteristics.

Разборка Aermoo M1: раскрываем секреты защищенного флагмана-2

We’ve already seen prototypes Aermoo M1 in the photos, and now we have the opportunity to look inside the body of the gadget. Rear panel meets aggressive design with metal inserts gold color. In the center in a line with a camera, a fingerprint scanner and NFC module. Black plastic around the perimeter provides additional protection when dropped.Removable elements bolted cogs, one of them there are two slots for SIM-cards and slot for memory cards format microSD.

Разборка Aermoo M1: раскрываем секреты защищенного флагмана-3

If we talk about the characteristics Aermoo M1 is credited with an OCTA-core Snapdragon chipset, 6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of internal. Rear camera 21-megapixel, and the capacity of the integrated battery is as high as 5580 mAh. This is one of the most powerful rugged smartphones on the market.

Disassembly Aermoo M1

To understand how the engineers managed to achieve maximum protection IP68, continue to dig in the guts of the smartphone. It is not necessary to repeat this at home without proper training because there is no guarantee that the device will be able to collect back without damaging anything and without forgetting any details.

To remove the back panel will need two different screwdrivers. Unscrewing the screws, the smartphone can be divided into two parts. All the holes in the back cover is made so that once assembled, the inside did not get wet. This allows Aermoo M1 up to 30 minutes under water, you can remove the camera aquatic life.

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Around the perimeter of the cover is a rubber gasket that protects internal components from water and dust. Insert of soft foam above the battery and the NFC antenna absorbs the force of impacts when falling. The metal panels on the sidewalls support a common style, charging port and audio Jack are hidden under plugs.

In Aermoo M1 managed to combine interesting design, moisture protection class IP68 and resistance to impact. However, this is not the final version of the smartphone. Release of a novelty will take place in July.

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