9418 [for publicity] Presale Vernee Thor E battery 5020 mAh + draw
[for publicity] Presale Vernee Thor E battery 5020 mAh + draw

[for publicity] Presale Vernee Thor E battery 5020 mAh + draw

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Предпродажа Vernee Thor E с аккумулятором на 5020 мАч + розыгрыш

Vernee Thor E was the second consecutive Vernee smartphone in 2017. The main feature of 5-inch model is a powerful battery capacity 5020 mAh when the thickness of just 8.2 mm.

Vernee is committed to create a device with a long battery life, but without the ugly design and other inconveniences in use. Thor E looks just like an ordinary phone, but the manufacturer managed to fit in a compact body with an impressive battery capacity 5020 mAh, so attracting buyers.

7 reasons why you should choose Vernee Thor E

1. Three days battery life, 30 days standby

Vernee Thor E aims to solve the problem time modest battery life, which is to most modern smartphones. From design, development, hardware, material selection and to optimize the system we spare no effort to ensure that Thor E can last up to 72 hours without recharging.

Предпродажа Vernee Thor E с аккумулятором на 5020 мАч + розыгрыш-2

2. Survivor in a compact housing with thickness of 8.2 mm and a weight of only 149 g

The first time we put a really big battery (5020мАч) 5-inch case Thor E, while maintaining and subtlety (8.2 mm) and lightweight (149 g) — the perfect balance between portability and duration of work. This, of course, was made possible through the continued efforts of engineers Vernee.

You can easily put it in your jeans pocket and forget about recharging for 3 days. Real longevity should be like this.

ModelVernee Thor EXiaomi Redmi 4Samsung Galaxy A5
Screen size5 inch5 inch5.2 inch
Battery capacity5020 mAh4100 mAh3000 mAh
Thickness8.2 mm8.9 mm7.9 mm
Weight149 g156 g157 g
Предпродажа Vernee Thor E с аккумулятором на 5020 мАч + розыгрыш-3

3. High density battery for 5020 mAh

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The energy density of the battery Vernee Thor E is 690 WH/l, which is 38% more than conventional batteries (of the order of 500 W·h/l). As a result, the thickness of only 8.2 mm smartphone 30% thinner than most other devices with the same battery capacity. After 600 cycles of charging and discharging the battery E Thor still retains 90% of the initial nominal capacity. Service life is twice longer than conventional batteries.

Предпродажа Vernee Thor E с аккумулятором на 5020 мАч + розыгрыш-4

Extreme battery safety testing

Vernee Thor E uses solid-state lithium-inyangamugayo that is the safest solution available today. He’s not exploding, fire-resistant and does not leak. Thanks to the integrated thermal shutdown can be prevented is overheating due to short circuit. And even in such extreme conditions like high temperature, high humidity, short-circuit, overcharging and even with physical piercing, the battery is still in good condition.




Passed the test or not?

Thermal shock

30min. at 130℃

No ignition, no explosion or leakage


Short circuit (55℃)

Short circuit at a temperature of 55℃

No ignition, no explosion or leakage


7 days (60℃)

7 days at a temperature of 60℃

No ignition, no explosion or leakage


High temperature and humidity

48 hours at a temperature of 65℃ and humidity of 95%

No ignition, no explosion or leakage



Charge (0.2 s 5A); the protection charge is activated

No flaming, no explosion, no liquid leakage


Puncturing the battery

Battery can be easily pierced 3mm steel needle

No ignition, no explosion


4. Fast charger 9V2A: 30-minute charging for all day use

Thor E is a leader in the industry with an improved charger, 9V/2A. Peak charging power is 18 W, which is 80% higher than conventional chargers (5V/2A). Even with such a large battery capacity for full recharging takes only 120 minutes. In emergency cases, 30 minutes quick charge provides enough power for a full day of smartphone usage.

Предпродажа Vernee Thor E с аккумулятором на 5020 мАч + розыгрыш-5

5. Button stamina: 20% of battery will last the whole day

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When the battery is approaching a dangerous level, just press the E-ink on the side and your phone will enter the power saving mode. This automatically decreases the brightness, and the screen only displays black and white colors. The processor and graphics co-processor are in standby mode, Push notifications are disabled, and the management of background applications has been optimised to the greatest degree to reduce energy consumption. As shown by numerous tests, 20% of the battery life that the phone worked for 24 hours in this mode.

Предпродажа Vernee Thor E с аккумулятором на 5020 мАч + розыгрыш-6

6. Vernee Thor E – the world’s first 5-inch smartphone with a battery of 5020 mAh

Предпродажа Vernee Thor E с аккумулятором на 5020 мАч + розыгрыш-7

7. The best balanced among the smartphone gadgets with a powerful battery (the killer Xiaomi Redmi 4X)

 Thor ERedmi 4X
Screen5 inch HD5 inch HD
CPU8-cores LTE8-cores LTE
The main camera13 MP13 MP
Battery5020 mAh4100 mAh
Fast charging9V/2A (18W)no
Thickness8.2 mm8.65 mm
Weight149 g150 g

Key features Thor E:

  • CPU: 8-core MediaTek MT6753
  • Display: 5-inch, HD-resolution
  • RAM: 3 GB LCDDR 3
  • ROM: 16GB eMMC 5.1
  • Main camera: 13 MP
  • Front camera: 5 MP
  • Battery: 5020 mAh
  • OS: VOS (Android 7.0 Nougat)
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Size: 144×70.1×8.2 mm
  • Weight: 149 g
  • Regular price: $129.99

Vernee Thor E is already available for pre-order on TomTop and other partner stores at a special price of $109.99, save $20. The company also holds the drawing of new smartphones, all the details can be found on the promotions page.

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