9392 For Samsung Galaxy S8 issued invoice QWERTY keyboard

For Samsung Galaxy S8 issued invoice QWERTY keyboard

In the modern smartphone text entry was primarily through the touch keyboard. While there are those who prefer to use more traditional physical QWERTY keyboard. Wanting to meet the needs of all customers, the company Samsung 2015 releases for its flagship smartphone the covers with patch QWERTY keyboards. Galaxy new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is no exception. The manufacturer has already submitted for these devices the same accessory.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Keyboard Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus consists of two parts: protective cover and slip the QWERTY keyboard. With this keyboard without the cover installed on a smartphone will not work. Users can store it on the back of the accessory and move on the screen only when text input required. When installing the keyboard the screen automatically shifts to the top, allowing the user to work with a smartphone.

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Interestingly, in keyboard no built-in battery, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so it is unknown how it is associated with the Galaxy S8 and transmits keystrokes. At the same time accessory does not affect the autonomy of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The cost of a Keyboard Cover for the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus is $59,99.

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