Foursquare has redesigned app Swarm

Foursquare has redesigned app Swarm

Foursquare introduced a redesigned version of the app for check-ins Swarm. The latest incarnation of Swarm is the company called the “log of life”, in which Foursquare has changed its approach to the ins. Now playing part fades into the background, and the process becomes more personal.

In the new version the developers of Swarm, Foursquare has tried to create a space where people could Tecate important in your life moments and return to them in the future. In Foursquare want users now perceive the ins as entries in a personal diary, celebrating life events.

“We want to remember what happens in our life, not for others, for ourselves,” reads the description Swarm 5.0.

According to co-founder of Foursquare, Dennis Crowley, these changes were the result of rethinking what users do we need the ins. Especially now when people are more selective and cautious about sharing.

Although after the redesign, the Swarm app had not changed much, Now Swarm focuses on the number and variety of visited places. On the profile page was added to the interactive map. When you visit the place, the service will display more information about it so that the user can remember your last experience of him.

The company also changed an award scheme for most active users. Now there is a greater emphasis on 100 different categories of check-ins, which you can unlock by visiting new places and getting stickers. It also left the status of the mayor, which is assigned to the most frequent visitors of places, and coins, which give users the opportunity to earn benefits in the application, and discounts at local establishments.

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Foursquare провел редизайн приложения Swarm - фото 1Perhaps the main focus of the app is to encourage users to create a map of their experience, which they could use as a history of their personal events in the future.

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