8567 Fun — an hour. How much will stand the battery gaming laptop?

Fun — an hour. How much will stand the battery gaming laptop?

Gaming notebooks are made of contradictions: in a compact housing it is necessary to place a powerful filling with the appropriate cooling, set a complex keyboard with protection from “phantom taps”, the screen to choose brighter and more bright… In General, the problems have designers enough, and then there’s the battery take out so positive. So put in the gaming machines of unknown hardware, which is only enough to run from outlet to outlet or to watch a movie on the road. Or not? Try to understand.

A little theory: simple math and the basics

In your laptop are Core i7-7700HQ, GTX 1070 and 16 GB of RAM? This gland need ~220 Watts at the peak: the most difficult scenes, while encoding a video or rendering a 3D scene in the corresponding. In other tasks the OS and drivers try to minimize the load — to reduce the frequency, quickly calculate and go into power saving mode, etc. Autonomy will depend on what you are doing and what is the status now filling: high performance or energy saving. However, there are enough arguments. We have a practice: ASUS ROG G752 charged and ready for battle.

Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?


Field tests

We try to choose the most realistic conditions for testing: spherical horses in vacuum, and so lacking in the Internet. This time pick up an adequate test environment was difficult. By itself, the concept of “game weight” is highly questionable. If you have a home flashed the lights or blew the cork, as my grandmother once again turned on the washing machine, kettle, microwave and vacuum cleaner at the same time, most likely the router will also turn off and the network match will be interrupted. Stand-alone session, nothing will happen, but such juz-case will not give you accurate answer “how long the laptop will last on batteries”: go and restart the machine — a matter of minutes.

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Entertained during a long road — in the train, plane or anywhere like it. In the case of slow speed trains or intercity buses with wifi on Board you have enough of a public channel at some HearthStone, Quint, or any other step-by-step get-together. As a rule, they do not heavily load the system: not more than watching the show brightness is slightly above average. Our test laptop is able to turn such content 3-4 hours — during this time you or a toy you get bored (at least, we definitely have time to get bored, the battery did not sit down), or neighbors coupe advice on the card game torment.

Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?

During this same time we were watching a half-season of “the big Bang Theory” avidly. If magnum opus of Chuck Lorre you don’t like it, you can enjoy the full version of watchmen (214 minutes) the battery will sustain the benefit of modern video players (like the same MediaPlayer Classic) are able to decode the video stream, which greatly saves computational resources.

In three titles with a controversial component, is well optimized and not too greedy to iron ASUS ROG G752 stretched 1.5-2 hours. So if you are in a cafe, but forgot my charger, then it is time to sweat from one tense game of DOTA 2 or a couple, and then three regular matches in the same place. Overwatch will delight 3-4 ranked matches in two rounds.

Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?

An hour and a half is the average preparation of illustrations for an article on 4PDA, such as this one.

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Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?

World of Warcraft is quite sparing refers to the battery. If you have no group of their Leroi Jenkins, manage to make the loot from dungeons (from 2-3 to 10 complex simple) several times to fill the muzzle of the opposite camp on the battleground, or spend a dozen and a half fights in the arena. The choice is yours!

Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?

CS:GO one round with randomized shatters two minutes, the top teams manage and faster. As one rating the game lasts up to 16 victories, and the account may be 15-16, then by simple calculations with all the pauses and other downloads have one full ranked match on full charge laptop. With the second it is better not to risk it.

Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?

Something serious, hrafnista and aggressive eating charge we managed to spend an hour. GTA V will be enough to protect your boat from the attacks of any hostile adventurers, to deliver to the garage a few cars under the program “import/export” to sell automotive rarity, round up to the Altruists, squeeze the bag to bring it to the desired point and finish the series with the murder of four VIPs. The sum will be released 150-170 thousand in-game currency.

Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?


15 inch vs 17

There are people who do not recognize gaming notebooks as a class (Yes, Gabe Newell will judge them). All the others usually argue on the topic diagonally and weight of such machines. Half said that up to a 15.6 laptop, and after very heavy coffin on wheels. The second believes that up to 16 inches, there is no life, nor productive of toppings, and five-kilogram monster for 100 500 rubles you’ll save on the gym membership.

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Сколько выдержит батарейка геймерского ноутбука?

Both points of view have the right to life, but inside the 17-inch “buck” more space, including under the battery. So the smaller mass and the diagonal does not always give the gain in terms of autonomy. Yes, 17 inch laptops rarely take, but also work in clean field they can be longer if the manufacturer is not saved on the battery, and as shown, ASUS G752 with the full order.


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