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Futuristic “smartphone of the future” (9 photos)

Футуристический «смартфон будущего» (9 фото)

To what extent can change the design and capabilities of the smartphone after, say, 10 years? Known for his unusual vision of the designer Philippe Starck, together with Jerome Olivier presented his vision of a “pipe of the future” under the name of Alo in a streamlined ergonomic translucent case. To the authors ‘ understanding of the device will need to display the role of the interface was going to be a 3D projector, creating holographic images in the air. To control the device will be possible only with the help of voice control, based on advanced AI. Any additional controls in the form of buttons, jacks, and other things not provided. Is that a peephole camera that can recognize faces and read lips that wants to make a user to search for a contact or to write the message yourself don’t have a smartphone I’ll do it myself. Feedback from the owner is performed by means of vibration and changes of temperature.

Футуристический «смартфон будущего» (9 фото)

Despite the fact that Alo is just a concept, the designers plan to release a prototype of a smartphone with the assistance of the French company Thomson.

Source: dezeen.com

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Futuristic “smartphone of the future” (9 photos)

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