5166 General cleaning of body. Spring detox
General cleaning of body. Spring detox

General cleaning of body. Spring detox

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General cleaning of body. Spring detox

We all do the cleaning. Someone daily, the busiest – times a week, usually on Saturday, considering that, so to speak, lost the day. And how differently?! To live in the impenetrable jungle of debris and dust is not desirable – it is necessary regularly to put on makeup. By the way, not only in the house.

Our body also needs cleaning. How! It is not excluded, that there is still more “junk”, I mean toxins. As in the garage inveterate bachelor!

The fact that the hectic pace of life in big cities imposes on us certain habits. The food in haste, usually something from the prepared foods, quick fast food snack on the go, bad habits, and, of course, not the fresh air that we all breathe.

The human body is a holistic system. And it should work as a watch, without fail.

Because body cleansing – detox – not just a fad but a healthy lifestyle now in the trend, and not just the pursuit of beauty. This is an effective way to improve your health and become more energetic, and, of course, more beautiful.

Токсины в организме-как вывестиDetox. Perhaps today is the most fashionable word in the lexicon Sornikov. And at the same time megafactory way to improve your health, become more beautiful and more energetic.

According to studies, the age of thirty almost every one of us becomes a toxic dump. Unnatural and unhealthy eating in haste, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, bad environmental conditions interfere with the excretory systems of the body to perform its functions is to clean it. We need to help them.

The reward for your efforts will become strong immunity that will last at least six months, so as not to hurt even the most basic colds, and problems with digestion. Will improve not only mood, but also the complexion, puffy and overweight, will be the energy of everything, everything, to that earlier did not reach the hands. In General, the list of bonuses is endless.

The contents

Детокс-как оздоровиться

Детокс-меню-общие рекомендации

Оптимизм-эмоциональное здоровьеWe recommend you to read:

Весенний детокс-как очистить организм

As the toxins in the body appear

Toxins are a poison of biological origin. It is the poison. It is formed inside the body, aided by various diseases: colds, sore throat, flu and beyond. And we all know what it is. The “offspring” of these ailments, slows down the metabolism and literally poisons our lives.

Организм человека-шлаки и токсиныIn addition, toxins enter the body from outside. Favorite sushi in seemingly healthy food can hold a generous portion of heavy metals accumulated in seafood. And even vegetarians are not immune, as the young vegetables and greens often (if not always) contain nitrates and pesticides.

Pollute the body and preservatives. They are even in cosmetics. So sportswomen-beauties-Sonicy too, so to speak, victim – cosmetic industry and circumstances.

It is obvious that the toxic substances we do not need. They need to be politely asked to leave, and to do so in a timely manner. Yes, right now, in the spring. And the animals do after hibernation. Bears and hedgehogs, for example, eat mushrooms and roots, which increases metabolism. The beast, however, does not even suspect that it’s part of the detox program.

Стоп-токсины-детокс-программаAny detox program for us – homo sapiens – also starts with nutrition. But first, about the other – alarms, of which the body informs you that something is wrong.

How the body reports of intoxication. Alarms

Проблемы с кожей-необходимость детокса

Fatigue, poor sleep, skin problems – all of this suggests that the time has come to “clean feathers” that you need a detox

The most common symptoms of intoxication are:

  • – irritability, to the point of depression;
  • – quick fatigue;
  • – memory impairment and reduced concentration;
  • – weakening of the immune system, manifested in the tendency to colds;
  • – constant headaches.

Детокс-программы-видыPrograms and methods of body cleansing are many. Many of them earn good money. The basis of all – a few simple unbreakable rules. If you observe them, will be able to cost-effectively conduct a General cleaning in your body. More and save, for example, the expensive meats and sausage and sausage products, these are harmful not only for the waistline but for the entire body.

Among these rules, first of all, specific diet, elimination of sweets, pastries, fast food, semi-finished products and adding to the menu of foods that help to detoxify.

Prevent this process, and bad habits. Get rid of them.

Стоп-вредные привычки

At the start. Attention… Preparing to detox

На старт-ВНИМАНИЕThe body does not like sudden changes, even good. It is stressful for him. Therefore, it is important to the detox to prepare.

First of all, minimize the toxic load on the body. Will have to limit the use of household chemicals and natural cosmetics. Advise to switch to organic.

In addition, it is important to exclude from the diet of alcohol, coffee, saturated fats, canned foods and sugar a week or two to detox.

Eat often and small portions, not to satiety.

Небольшая порция-фото

Important light snacks. Let it be, for example, a green Apple or healthy snacks like vegetable and fruit chips. To cook them easier, especially if you have a special dryer. However, help and regular oven, even microwave.

Five days before the observance of detox diet is necessary to exclude from the menu of meat, poultry, fish, go to the vegetation.

Also train yourself easier to relate to life, not to worry. Stress provoke the production of hormones in large amounts create toxins, thereby slowing the natural process of detoxification.Try a relaxing fitness like Pilates. A great option is yoga.

And go to bed not too late. It is very important to get enough sleep.

Полноценный сон-как высыпатьсяWell, ask them to germinate on a windowsill onions (vitamin C) and wheat (b vitamins). At the very least.

Зелень-на подоконнике

Such different water

Вода-питьевой режимStart with the correct drinking regime. Water nourishes and fills the cells of the body. After 3-4 days of proper drinking regime felt the first changes.

Often advised to drink at least eight glasses of pure water a day. However, we recommend you to consult your doctor to determine your rate, because it is individual. This is especially important to do in the presence of chronic diseases of the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, and hypertension.

Zainichi like to start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon. Do not add the lemon, if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Вода с лимоном-натощакThe author of the text personally convinced that this morning ritual – water with lemon (and honey) on an empty stomach – invigorates not worse than coffee. However, the first week is very difficult to resist your favorite Cup of espresso. It seems that without it there are no forces. But there they are! You just need to overcome cravings for caffeine.

Water with lemon speeds up the metabolism, cleanses the stomach wall, stimulates the liver, restores the cellular balance of moisture and enriched with vitamin C.

Plain water easy to make delicious. To do this, take any fruit, berries, even vegetables will work, but not all.

Как сделать воду вкусной-фотоVigorous vitamin with citrus fruits. Just lightly mash them or cut into rings, cover with water and place in refrigeratorto steep.

Beautiful water with berries. You can use frozen. Preroute them with a blender and fill with clean water. Perfectly complement the taste of mint leaves and citrus.

Вода с ягодами-фотоAnd in the water, on apples (better sour) suggest to add grated ginger root and ground cinnamon. And pour the ingredients you need hot water, 90 degrees. Yes, the drink will turn cloudy, but very tasty and healthy. Want transparent – just slice the fruit into thin slices and throw in a jar of water.

Вода с яблоками-детокс-программаBut water with cucumber and lemon, as well as their mix, has become a classic Sornikov.

Вода с огурцом-детокс-водаIt quenches thirst during training and in the hot season.

Огурец- Лимон-Мята-детокс-вода

About detox programs

Детокс-питаниеThere are many detox programs. There is severe. For example three days on juices and mineral water. There are just limitations on the menu, lasts 7-10 days, not more. This is sufficient for cleaning the body and updates the lymph and blood.

Детокс-меню-ингредиентыAny detox is based on the use of water, fresh juices (not without a good juicer) and herbs.

A juice detox is very popular in the West. Beautiful top models from the covers of glossy magazines recommend to drink instead of a meal of 300 ml juice. And it is more motivating! Note, however, that a juice detox for healthy people. Consult with your doctor beforehand, so as not to hurt yourself.

Как очистить организм-весенний детоксFor detox juices are ideal fresh juices of orange, grapefruit, celery and cucumber.

Овощные фрешиAs for the detox menu, it is not too strict.

Детокс-питание-рекомендацииYou can afford brown rice, buckwheat, millet, sprouted grains, broccoli and almost any vegetables, fruits and dried fruits.

Рисовый детокс-рекомендацииDon’t forget about sprouts – living food. It is a powerful “super” that will enrich the body with vitamins and microelements.

Проростки-живая едаIf you are interested in this topic, the author of the text recommends the book Natalia Kairos “Sprouts – living food. The alchemy of food”.

Проростки-фотоTaboo in the detox:

  • Fast food and processed foods
  • Cakes
  • Any sweets and sugar

Сладости и сахар - табуCheese, cream, sour cream, milk

  • Semolina
  • Potatoes, white rice, bananas, starchy foods
  • Mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces
  • Spices, including salt
  • Canned
  • Packaged juices
  • Coffee and black tea
  • Sodas
  • Alcohol.

And cook not the pan, and for example, in a slow cooker or a double boiler without the use of animal fats. This is important.

Детокс-зеленьA great option is the “green” detox. The word “detox” is most often associated with green.

Зеленый детокс-рекомендацииBy the way, the greenery, the fresh green color is recognized by the Institute of Pantone color trend this year.

Цвет Greenery-главный цвет 2017 годаIt even produced a fancy flagship smartphones. For example – Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. So that “green” detox fashion, so to speak.

Детокс-план на веснуThere are even special considerations are not needed – you all green (all relative, for example, chips in the green package), except, perhaps, the avocado.

Is: green apples, cabbage, spinach, salads, any greens, cucumbers, peppers and so on. They also make fresh juices and smoothies.

Зеленый детоксMeals can be supplemented with light vegetable soup, low fat cheese, a Cup of yogurt, preferably homemade. The fact that modern dairy products in the supermarkets, pasteurized and homogenized. If they are often used, not only to acquire excess weight and can dehydrate the body, but also to a variety of autoimmune diseases. We will not delve into the topic, let’s just say that the “good” bacteria in these products virtually no.

And there are, for example, a unique probiotic sauerkraut. Just shred the cabbage, as usual, put it in a jar, leaving half empty, fill with water and close tightly. Salt cannot! After a couple of days at room temperature the water in the pot will change color. This means that the cabbage is ready. Its juice is the best homemade probiotic. Begin taking a tablespoon a day, gradually bringing the number up to half a glass.

Put in a word about smoothies. And this is a wonderful option for a full meal. All you need is a blender and usefulness like green vegetables, berries, various herbs, sprouted grains, seeds and juice.

Проращивание зеренGrate, blend, mix, enjoy.

Смузи-разнообразиеSmoothies with dairy products, but detox does not like. Also, do not add to smoothies bananas: they have a lot of sugar and starch.

Набор для смузи-ингредиентыOverripe though some experts and allow.

Зеленый смузи-In the detox diet is recommended to include salads, panicle help purify the body.

Детокс-полезные салатыThe ingredients are simple: beets, carrots, cabbage, green onions, any greens, lemon juice and sunflower oil (not refined). You can add celery and sour apples. Only salt is not necessary!

Салат щеткаImportant nuance. Remember that professionals don’t suggest to “clean feathers” more than seven to ten days, as you can harm the intestinal flora and to secure a deficiency of calcium and protein.

Весна-время для детокса

The main objective of detox is, so to speak, General cleaning of the body get rid of toxins, excess fluid, increase metabolism. Go along with this extra pounds, even though it is not the purpose

Listen to yourself, because you are unique. Be sure to consider the reaction of the body. May some products you are allergic or you need a more forgiving scheme of purification.

If you notice side effects such as irritability, fatigue, constipation or diarrhea, it is wise to consult a qualified professional. It is not excluded that the chosen detox program is not for you. A specialist will be able to pick up and paint the competent plan body cleansing. And in General, it is better first to consult a Pro.



Помощь специалистов-в детокс-программах

Enter in your diet a strict limit only after consultation with your doctor

We strongly recommend that before starting a detox to consult a doctor.

The fact that the symptoms of chronic detoxification often coincide with signs of serious diseases. It is important to identify.

Also, don’t run a strict detox for pregnant and nursing women and children.

People with any diseases of the liver and kidney, must undergo a detox course under the supervision of an experienced physician.

Treatments for face and body

And this is another area detox program. When the body is full of toxins, lymph, and liver can’t handle it. They harm the skin. Dermatitis and allergic reactions – it’s “echoes”.

Course will help hydrating and nourishing masks and wraps (only use organic cosmetics, you can do with the available tools, depending on skin type), as well as specialized equipment.

Маска для лица-косметические процедурыProcedure number 1 in detox programs – drainage. As you know, the lymphatic system absorbs toxins and products of metabolism.

If lymph circulation is poor, all this accumulates in the tissues. Don’t forget about the massage, working on deep tissue and normalize lymph flow. Together with the liquid, you can say goodbye to puffiness and bags under the eyes, leaves the body and “garbage”.

Массаж-релаксUseful and a contrast shower. He wakes up in the morning better than coffee. In the evening you can soak in a bath with sea salt, herbal decoctions and essential oils of citrus, if they have no allergies. Just don’t make water hot.

Расслабляющая ванна-фотоUseful and peels of candied honey, or coffee grounds, which not only removes dead cells but also softens skin.

Пилинг тела-косметические процедурыAfter that you need to nourish the skin, for example, wheat germ oil, or macadamia. Pay attention to the feet. This will improve circulation of blood and lymph.

Натуральные масла для тела-питательные средства

Breathing exercises and sport

Detox-programs – comprehensive. Along with the digestive system and skin, it is important to “work through” the respiratory system. Every day we make more than twenty thousand breaths. And don’t even realize the significance of this.

But proper breathing, and it is not difficult, even relieves headaches. It saturates the cells with oxygen and regulates the production of cortisol – a stress hormone. When it is important!

Йога-I advise you to sign up for yoga classes. They teach to breathe correctly. This is especially important for those who quit Smoking.

And walk in the fresh air, the better away from roads. As often as possible get out of town and into the woods. Ideal – Cycling.

Велопрогулка в лесуAnd anyway, let your life will be more sports. If the budget does not allow you to equip a private gym, and the housing area is too small for this, you can buy a pass to the nearest fitness club.

Free – running in the morning. That as an option. Well at home you can do exercises to the music or video. It would be a desire!

Утренняя пробежкаThe author of the text this item was harder to other. Dietary restrictions and to stop eating sweets caused the breakdown. I wanted to eat and sleep, sleep and eat. All! And so the first four days of the detox program. BUT! But on the fifth day there was the same lightness in the body, which they say Sonici.

Experience suggests that it will be easier if during detoxification sleep, to get up without an alarm clock. Well, if you have a vacation. If not, you have to go to bed no later than nine in the evening, like little children. And no TV or Internet!

But the lack of sweet the author of the text is compensated by adding stevia to the diet. This is probably the best substitute for sugar. Has a bit of a specific taste, but a lot of good and almost no calories.

Emotional state

Медитация-Don’t forget about the emotional state. Always and everywhere. Smile, ignore gossip and rumors, are struggling with stress. To do this, again refer to deep breathing techniques, yoga and meditation (and it is also necessary to do properly).


It is important not to forget about the emotional state. When the nervous system is not right, the whole body suffers. Often do break, do not drive yourself, as a horse. Relax as much as you like, do things you love and wide smile to the world. He is a great

Let us cleanse ourselves from negativity. Try to become optimistic and not to ignore the cons and pros. It’s addictive and, they say, is attracted to the positive life changes.

ОптимизмAnd let say you look at the world through rose-colored glasses. That they are jealous.

Розовые очки-Well, do not go to extremes after finishing the detox program.

Работа организма и ЗОЖ-рекомендацииHealthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, absence of bad habits, gentle – not exhausting (!) – regime and moderate physical activity is the key to your good health and longevity. You want to do.


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