6656 "Give me the hat and coat..." or How to get the money back from the App Store
“Give me the hat and coat…” or How to get the money back from the App Store

“Give me the hat and coat…” or How to get the money back from the App Store

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«Отдайте шляпу и пальто…» или Как вернуть деньги с App Store

For users of Apple devices to purchase content in the App store now – it habitual. It happens that we buy the game, but it eventually disappoints. And we are ready to abandon the purchase, but is it possible to get the money back in the App Store? This issue concerns everyone who, one way or another, made a bad purchase.

How to return your purchase in the App Store

To return the purchase to the AppStore, it turns out, maybe within a day after its Commission. In this account there is a full refund of the application. Yes, this is not an error to return the money for in-app purchase App Store is quite possible, as indeed in any other. However, before beginning the process it is important to understand that the case is hard. The button that cancels the purchase, no.

The abolition of purchase in the App Store is via iTunes and your computer. Don’t worry, we all will in detail tell, and the money spent will come back to you.

So Apple gave you your money back, you need to provide an explanation of why you have to cancel the purchase. The reasons can be many, but consider the most common:

  • The application works incorrectly or is blocked is the most common cause of the abolition of purchase. In this case, the company will inform you that you have to tell me about your sorrow to the developers and ask them to fix the problem. If the authors of the program will report that the problem really exist and is not subject to elimination, it is quite possible to get your money back.
  • The mismatch between the description of apps in the App Store with reality. For this reason, include a situation where the screenshots differ from the pictures in the description. In this case, it is necessary to carefully study the description. This reason is not deemed frivolous, and for this mismatch of money you will surely return.
  • Buying by mistake. Refunds were also available in the AppStore if you have mixed applications because they have the same or similar icon, or if their names are very similar. You will have more chances to get my money back if these products are placed in one category or section, perform similar functions or have a single developer.
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Is it possible to return the money in the App Store, and how to do it?

If you have decided on the cause of the abolition of purchase, you can proceed directly to the process of the return of their money.

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer.
  2. Go to the main App Store page and go to the “Quick links”, then open “Account”. A window opens in which you must enter data account.
  3. Again right click on “my Account”. After that, you will see a page with information about your account, where you can explore the history of their purchases and start-to cancel unnecessary purchase.
  4. On the page “Account” at the bottom we find “item purchase History”. After that, select “Cm. all”.
  5. Open the list of recent purchases and select the application from which are going to pass.
  6. To the left of the name of the program is the arrow that must be pressed to see details about the app.
    Как отказаться от покупки в App Store
    To get the money back for the app in the App Store
    you need to tell us about his desire to “administration” store
  7. Click on the icon “Report a problem”, after that click on the same key that appears in the list. Attention! The most important thing – to have time to report the problem within a day after purchase!
  8. As a result of these actions will open the window where you can register your application for refusal from the purchase and the refund. You must enter the account information and describe your problem.
    This is the most critical and crucial stage, because you need to communicate clearly and convincingly to explain to Apple why you decided to abandon the purchase of the application. It is important to understand that abuse of this opportunity is impossible, because if you cancel the purchase, you will begin to shut down. The cause must be weighty, such reasons as “I was not impressed this app” not a ride. If it’s all of you, and suddenly you understand that this program you, in General, and not needed, then the money you get back.
    Before you will list of possible problems, including the need to choose one and in the comments to explain their decision. Yes, you can choose to write in English. Apple offers to choose from these options:
    • The content is not loaded, or it is impossible to find;
    • I did not give the consent to the purchase;
    • The content is not loading, or loading is very slow;
    • The content cannot be opened, or it is working incorrectly.
    • The problem is not listed.
  9. When you describe your issue, feel free to click “Send”. After sending for hours on your e-mail will receive a letter stating that your problem report is accepted.
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So, everything depends on you, you have already made. Now we need only wait. The second letter will tell you that Apple has taken in the work of your appeal. Within two days you will receive another message with the answer. You will either return the money or ask to clarify something, or refuse. Be patient and wait for the answer if the cause is weighty, you’ll return the money!

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