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Crackdown 3 — the next hurricane series of console shooters is slowly but surely turning into a real protracted. The project was announced back at E3 2014, and the planned release date was listed second half of 2016. For a long time Crackdown 3 was considered one of the biggest exclusives the Xbox One the X and one of the most anticipated games in 2016. Subsequently, however, the release of trikvela Crackdown was postponed several times, and after a time almost forgotten. Once again, the draft talked only once during E3 2017 developers finally showcased a new trailer for Crackdown 3 with the participation of the famous actor Terry Cruse and announced a new date of release — November 7, 2017.

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After the demonstration of a trailer said, even the part loved by millions thugs-merry couldn’t hide a rather unattractive gameplay shown in the video. The reaction of the community was not long in coming: Crackdown 3 scarified in down and ashes. Maybe that’s why studios Reagent Games, Sumo Digital and Cloudgine with the publisher Microsoft Studios Publishing, decided to postpone the game for almost six months.

“Crackdown 3 is a very ambitious project with a stunning 4K graphics, using cloud technology, advanced multiplayer and a rich open world, — said Shannon Loftis, head of the game publishing Microsoft. — We want to make sure that we can offer players a decent implementation of all planned project items”.

The Crackdown 3 release postponed to April 2018. That’s how much time the developers need to bring the game to mind. Prior to the announcement of the release date of Crackdown 3, despite a bunch of obvious problems, was considered one of the main trumps Microsoft in this generation of consoles. The fact that the game will be released six months later may seriously hurt the sales of Xbox One X, which starts November 7 this year.

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By the way, with the launch exclusives for the console from Microsoft not all smooth. Initially it was stated that in the line ekslyuzivov will include Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead, Super, Lucky’s Tale, PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds and Crackdown 3. And if the same Forza and Cuphead will be released before the launch of the console, PUBG in General, while there is no official release date on consoles, but Crackdown 3 will be released in the spring. The only exclusive, starting simultaneously with the console — a Super platformer Lucky’s Tale, which is essentially a port of an unremarkable game with Oculus Rift.

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It turns out that by purchasing an Xbox One X at launch, users will not see really new games, and will only get 4K versions of existing titles, which certainly will not be able to demonstrate the power potential of the console.

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