10180 Global HMD presented the Nokia smartphones in Ukraine

Global HMD presented the Nokia smartphones in Ukraine

HMD Global презентовала смартфоны Nokia в Украине

Yesterday, may 18, 2017, the company HMD Global (which owns the rights to Nokia) held in Kiev, the presentation of which is dedicated to the return of Nokia brand in Ukraine, specifically the entire current line of Android-smartphone Nokia 3, 5, 6 and the reincarnation of the once legendary 3310, spoke about the prices (which were previously known) and the timing of the sales. Remember the glorious history, and inglorious end of the “same” Nokia does not make sense, there’s enough for several separate materials, since 1868 and paper mill on the Nokianvirta river in Tampere and ending with the reluctance to switch to Android, the development of MeeGo, Maemo and Windows Mobile smartphones. The presentation coincided with the Day embroidered and speakers were dressed accordingly:


Speakers — manual HMD Global, by the way, all previously worked at Nokia. A few words about the speakers: Florian Seiche (Florian Seiche), President of the Global HMD has a rich track record, worked at worked at Nokia, Microsoft, Siemens, Orange and HTC. Alberto matron (Alberto Matrone) – Vice President, Global HMD in Eastern Europe. In the past worked at Microsoft Mobile Devices, and Nokia was from 1991 to 2014. Rantala Pekka (Pekka Rantala), Director of marketing for Global HMD, previously, he was CEO of Rovio Entertainment and senior Vice President of marketing at Nokia, where he worked for 17 years.

What he was talking about?

In General, any surprise at the presentation was not: it was in the framework of such events, exactly as the information reported to the listeners. The specific figures were only the prices and the timing of the sales models. The rest of the speakers concentrated on General things: global positioning, priorities, and so on. HMD Global focus on brand recognition of Nokia and not unreasonably, because we all remember those mobile phones and smartphones. Many of the first mobile phone was Nokia.


According to the speakers, HMD Global in the development of Nokia smartphones, in the first place is not for the geeks, but for the mass audience, which is important, not the gigahertz and megapixels, and an important ease-of-use, convenience and everyday things such as sunlight-readable screen and battery life. The design of the smartphone was developed with an eye on the last model of Nokia and it is indeed observed. The body of the smartphone are cut from solid pieces of metal. According to company representatives, they listened to the users and one of the highlights and wishes is the lack of unnecessary additional software and current version of Android. All Nokia smartphones work on Android, and Nougat without any shells, HMD Global promises timely production of all regular Security Updates and new OS versions.


With specific regard to Ukraine, it is included in the sub-region together with Poland and Baltic States, HMD Global believes the Ukrainian market “one of the key” and expects a high demand for their smartphones us. I suspect that in the first place this applies to offline sales, as evidenced by the prices on the smartphones. This — below.


What, when and how much?

Smartphones represented were still in the MWC 2017, so the characteristics already known to all. From himself only add that all models are well made, of good materials and look very decent (even the budget Nokia 3) that will definitely be a plus when selling in offline stores. Logo Nokia, attractive appearance and good work of consultants with no interest in the subject of smart phones customers do their job. Nokia 6:

Recall, Nokia 6 features a 5.5-inch Full HD displejem, OCTA core Snapdragon chip 430, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal flash memory (will be version 6 Nokia Arte Black with 64 GB), camera at 16 and 8 megapixels, a fingerprint scanner in the button under the screen and battery on 3000 mAh. Powered smartphone, as already mentioned above, we wrote on Android Nougat and will receive monthly security updates. The price of a standard Nokia 6 will be 7000 UAHand the start of sales is scheduled for July. Available colors: black, blue, silver, and copper.

A simpler model Nokia 5 (photo above) also got a metal case with a nice matte finish and invisible plastic strip antennas on the sides, 5.2-inch HD display (1280×720 pixels) and the same OCTA-core Snapdragon processor 430, memory 2 GB internal — 16 GB expandable. The main 13-megapixel camera with phase detection autofocus, front camera of 8 megapixels. The battery on 3000 mAh. Price — 6000 UAH, will go on sale almost simultaneously with the Nokia 6. Color similar.

The humble Nokia 3 got a metal frame and the back panel of frosted polycarbonate. Looks good, especially considering the budget positioning. The design reminded Lumia 830 or 925. The smartphone is equipped with a display diagonal of 5 inches and HD resolution. Running on a Quad-core MediaTek MT6737 at 1.3 GHz with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, expandable with cards microSD. Both cameras are 8 megapixels. The battery capacity is 2640 mAh. Will be available in black, blue, silver, and copper and white options. Price — 4300 UAH, will go on sale in June.

And, of course, the updated Nokia 3310. It is very vaguely reminiscent of the most legendary, is that the contours of the hull. Standard push button block, but instead of on-off buttons now use four-way joystick and the inscribed button. The screen is now color, 2.4 inch, with a resolution of 320×240. There is even a formal camera 2 megapixel, built-in FM radio and support for microSD cards. A rather dubious play on nostalgic feelings when you consider the price tag of 1700 UAH. It appears we already may 27.

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What to expect?

According to subjective impressions HMD Group displays Nokia on the Ukrainian market, with a focus on offline sales (and they are still much higher than online), so it is quite a logical decision, and the price tags can be like this feasible. On the other hand, online Nokia will be very hard, because every person who is somehow interested in smartphones will find many interesting things for the same price. The same 4 Xiaomi Redmi and Redmi Note, Meizu M5s, M5 Note and the Huawei P8 Lite (2017). There are a lot more technically interesting smart phones for the same 7000 UAH, and Nokia 6. Plus it is worth considering that the start of sales is scheduled for July, and by this time a number of models, the same Xiaomi and Meizu have time to significantly cheaper. Of course, the Nokia brand and “naked” Android with regular updates is good, but not a recipe for success. By themselves, smartphones alive do produce a good impression, but Chinese brands to compete will be extremely difficult.

New 3310 — more “chipawa” model and only has a formal relationship with the classic version. If you move away from the history, it turned out a standard push-button phone with an impressive price tag. 1700 UAH — too much, already smartphones. With a price tag of 999 UAH he would have had more real chances. The market is 216 for Nokia 1100 UAH, Nokia 150 pf to 1000 UAH. But for the same money there are more interesting Nokia 230 with metal lid, bigger screen and front camera. With Allo the situation up to the end not cleared with any of the parties, only streamlined answers. But given the emphasis on offline, you lose from failure Allo more still Nokia. And for a snack — here’s a photo of the champion on the game in the “snake” who won at the presentation of Nokia 6 and Cup:

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