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“Holographic” smartphone RED Hydrogen One showed in the video

«Голографический» смартфон RED Hydrogen One показали на видео

The American company Red Digital Cinema Camera, specializing in the production of high-tech cameras, this year intrigued the public with news about the release of its own mobile Hydrogen One, published in the network renderer and the only description that the display of a novelty will be “holographic”. The paucity of information about the future of the office gave rise to rumors about the closure of the project, in connection with the company’s representatives decided to demonstrate you have already created a prototype device and was invited to his office IT-blogger Marcus Brownlee (Marques Brownlee) who made the video about the appearance of the gadget and presented it on their YouTube channel.

Hydrogen One has a somewhat brutal appearance with corrugated side surfaces. A distinctive feature of the flagship is the ability to extend the functionality with additional modules, which probably explains some similarities with the prototype flagship from Lenovo series z Moto On the bottom of the Hydrogen One, you can see the connector for the connection of additional modules, e.g., lens or flash. Dual camera has a vertical location and the same Moto Z the ledge above the rear surface of the smartphone. To increase the strength of the smartphone there is a special insert made of Kevlar. Fingerprint the fingerprint scanner will be built into the power button of the smartphone. Camera has a separate button, and headphone Jack of 3.5 mm and a USB Type-C is located on the bottom of the prototype. The front side has stereo speakers.

«Голографический» смартфон RED Hydrogen One показали на видео

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The main advantage of Hydrogen is One of the original “holographic” 5.7-inch screen, creating a deep 3D effect without using special glasses. In the prototype, demonstrated Brownlie, the display worked in the standard two-dimensional mode, therefore, to assess the main video chip has failed, but according to the blogger, the experience is really impressive. Taking into account the fact that at the moment we are testing prototypes, technical parameters of the serial device are not reported, since the start of sales, scheduled for early 2018, they can undergo significant changes. Soon will be available for pre-orders on the Hydrogen One. The cost of the device in an aluminum casing will be $ 1195, titanium flagship will cost a bit more — 1595 dollars.

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“Holographic” smartphone RED Hydrogen One showed in the video

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