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Voice assistant Samsung Bixby earned worldwide

Голосовой помощник Samsung Bixby заработал по всему миру

Bixby, branded voice assistant of the South Korean company Samsung, revealed to the public in late March of this year during the presentation of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8/S8+. For him, even allocated a separate button for quick launch, but still have access to the service received, only users from South Korea. For the other countries it remained inactive due to problems with adaptation to the English language. Just last month access to Bixby appeared on American English in the United States and South Korea, and today the assistant has earned in more than 200 countries.

However, again not without limitations: the assistant speaks only English and Korean. And although the company promises to expand the number of languages supported, when Bixby will learn to function in the following language (which?), is not known, since the learning process is time consuming and not fast. Even at this stage, the voice assistant from Samsung to cope not with all the teams due to a misunderstanding of dialects (pronunciation of English words in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa can vary widely). And to improve the algorithm requires large amounts of data, which the Korean company, no. However, purchased last year a startup Viv Labs, founded by the creators of Siri and engaged in the development of a new voice assistant called Viv, should contribute to the improvement of Bixby.

Source: Samsung

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Voice assistant Samsung Bixby earned worldwide

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