11295 Google along with Wonder woman teaches children the programming

Google along with Wonder woman teaches children the programming

In connection with the development of information technology has significantly increased the demand for specialists of this sphere. Therefore, large corporations are paying a lot of attention to attract more people to programming, and some parents try to instill a love of this area with children’s age. According to a report by Google, about 22% of game developers are women. In this regard, the search giant has launched a new initiative Made with Code to teach girls programming. To do this, Google decided to use the hype around the new movie “Wonder woman”.


Project Made with Code children are encouraged to describe the actions of Wonder woman in three scenes from the movie using the basics of programming. This requires of the proposed units to build a sequence of actions that the character has dodged opponents.


“The initiative Google’s Made with Code was created in order to defend the leadership of future generations of women and to inspire them to use programming as a way to achieve their dreams,” reads the Google blog.

And although the project was Made with Code in the first place focused on girls, to participate in it can anyone.

To participate in Made with Code

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