Google unveiled the new Android at Google I/O 2017

Mar’yana Makarova


Google unveiled the new Android at Google I/O 2017

Google has introduced a new version of Android at its annual Google I/O conference in 2017. What the Corporation is focused in the new OS?

Traditionally, developers once again took up the optimization of the system and increase autonomy. Android O acquired additional constraints on background apps, which should improve the device applications in the background it is impossible to intensively consume the Internet traffic and GPS data. In addition, in Play Market there will be a system of protection from malicious software which will work based on machine learning.

Google представила новый Android на конференции Google I/O 2017 – Android OIn the new OS there are special badges for icons, like the ones that have already been implemented on iOS and some for Android launchers. Hold down the app icon you can now instantly read the notification. The badges themselves have become adaptive and adapt to the General view of the system automatically. Also modifications got the notifications, menu, Settings, status bar and other important elements of the system.

Not without the work of multi-tasking. For some applications, the opportunity arose to run in parallel in the mode of “picture in picture”. For example, a video player can be run on top of the screen a separate mini-window that you can scale and move.

At the moment the beta version of Android O available on the website Google and it can be installed on smartphones Nexus 5X/6P and the Nexus Player, and also Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel S. release date the full version the new OS is not yet known.

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