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Google invested $1 billion in taxi service

Today it became known about the large investments of international conglomerate Google Inc. Through the investment Fund CapitalG, part of conglomerate invested assets of $ 1 billion Lucky was the company Lyft. After such a large investment is the capitalization of the company amounted to $11 billion. For comparison, main competitor Uber has a market capitalization of $68 billion.

About possible investments, it became known a month ago. And before that, in the month of may, issued a joint statement the two companies Waymo and Lyft, collaborative work on unmanned vehicles. As we all know, the company Waymo included in the conglomerate, Google Inc. For reference — Google Inc. also owned part of competitor Lyft — Uber. They invested unit campaign Google Ventures.

And Uber, by the way, now can’t get out of scandals. Not only that, they now have a lawsuit with Waymo (company Uber is accused of stealing technologies to create drone vehicles), so they still interested in the US intelligence services. The company is suspected of violating the law on competition. Against this background, the company Lyft is gaining momentum and could get ahead. Especially with such a strong investor behind.

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Google invested $1 billion in taxi service

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