Head of Xbox explained why they never released a portable console

Almost each of the companies platformtarget in a time released portable system. For example, SEGA made the Game Gear, Sony PlayStation Portable and Vita, and Nintendo – Game Boy and DS/3DS. In this respect, the party was always only Microsoft. One Twitter user asked Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, why his team came out on the portable market, and there compete with Sony and Nintendo.


According to Spencer, Microsoft believed that virtually the entire segment of the mobile gaming market are smartphones, and therefore did not see special sense to release a portable console. To some extent he’s right. One of the key reasons for the failure of the PlayStation Vita has been a rapid progress, which made the idea of a separate handheld device for gaming untenable. On the other hand, Nintendo is not stopping: it goes its own way, and sales of its portable systems are fairly high level.

As for the market of home gaming systems, then Microsoft is markedly loses its main competitor in the face Sony. Official data the company provides, but, according to news Agency SuperData, in January of this year, sales of Xbox One were about 26 million copies, which is two times less than sales of the PlayStation 4.

Source: ubergizmo.com

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