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Helmets for cyclists Ranking

Eugene Lubnicki


The company’s Ranking was based in Taiwan, and at one time sponsored a national Cycling team. The word Ranking is translated as “distinguished” or “famous”, and today this manufacturer is true and correct.

In our time, Ranking the company is known worldwide as a manufacturer of Bicycle helmets. Ranking has more than 40 years of experience, and produces some of the best Cycling helmets on the market.

The company Ranking is often sponsored various Cycling. The company also sponsors a professional Cycling team, among which the Italian Amore & Vita Team, Turkish Team Torku, Leopard Trek Team from Luxembourg, the Taiwan Team Gusto.

It is important to note that for several years the company Ranking is the team sponsor of the National team of Ukraine!

The contents


Unfortunately, accidents involving cyclists happen quite often, and no one can predict when it can happen. Anyway, the probability of injury and damage can be reduced by wearing a helmet.

The company Ranking helmets have a higher safety standard, which takes into account everything that can happen to a cyclist in an emergency.


Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking - комфортMany cyclists don’t want to wear a helmet because I feel it uncomfortable, but thus they put themselves at risk of injury.

Hats Ranking created so that throughout the workout or race is very comfortable sitting on the head. Before release of bike helmets Ranking the company conducts a series of tests, through which she manages to fix all the flaws of their products and to create helmets that cyclists actually like to wear.

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Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – инновацииRanking is a leading company, the leading brand, with his point of view and fresh eyes.

Ranking recently started cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and to apply in production the technology of CAE (technology, consisting in the use of computer systems for the analysis of the geometry, simulation and study the behavior of the product to improve and optimize its design).

The company invests a huge amount of resources and effort to produce the lightest, most reliable, aerodynamic and high-tech helmets. A source of innovation in the company’s Ranking is not the marketing Department, and the dedication and caring about what really matters: the cyclist.


Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – стильDuring their research, experts of the company Ranking noted that many cyclists don’t want to wear a helmet because of its appearance. The Ranking designers are constantly looking for new ideas and follow the fashion trends, which allows them to create new concepts that really like customers.


Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – ценовая политикаIf we talk about the price of helmets Ranking, they can not be called cheap. However, the cost of production of this company is quite justified, because when You put on cheap, not the most comfortable helmet, and soon You will feel fatigue and will feel awkward. In turn, whichever model helmet Ranking You choose, you can be sure that similar situation will not happen.


Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – качествоHelmets are Ranking 60 production stages, many of which is handmade.

Ranking every helmet must pass three stages of quality control: first, as a manufactured frame; the second after staining and application of graphic elements, and the third after complete Assembly of the helmet.

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This approach is applied to each helmet Ranking, as this manufacturer is really worried about the safety of the customers of their products.

The range of Ranking helmets


Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – R91FEATHER C


Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – F72 CITY


Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – E31 MONSTERH11F.ONE

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – H11FONER91 FEATHER

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – R91 FEATHERH93 NEST

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – H93 NESTM12 BEETLE

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – M12 BEETLEM72 MORRISON

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – M72 MORRISONR72 MAGLEV

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – R72 MAGLEVR71 VEYRON

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – R71 VEYRONH72 TAI

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – H72 TAIF71 BMX

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – F71 BMXJ71 M. C. POLO

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – J71 M.C.POLOK91 HE

Шлемы для велосипедистов Ranking – K91 HE

View detailed information and to buy helmets Ranking.

Helmets for cyclists Ranking

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