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HIPER presents a spring collection of VR headsets

The company HIPER presented on the Russian market a new line of virtual reality helmets of the third generation. The manufacturer has gathered the opinions and wishes of the users, eliminating all the disadvantages of the previous generation. New helmets HIPER improved ergonomics and appearance. The company offers four new models with different design and set of delivery, all of which are designed for use with smartphones running Android and iOS.


HIPER VRR is the most affordable model in the new line. Helmet equipped aspheric acrylic lens diameter of 42 mm, with possibility of adjustment of distance to the screen. The case of the novelty, plastic, and ear pads made of foam rubber. With this helmet it is recommended to use smartphones with screens from 5.5 to 6 inches. HIPER VRR dimensions are 170 x 140 x 95 mm and a weight of 242 grams.


Model HIPER VRP main characteristics HIPER is comparable to the VRR. The difference lies in the fact that the ear cups made of artificial leather, which is conveniently adjacent to the face without leaving marks. The device is compatible with all modern smartphones, and its weight does not exceed 300 grams.


HIPER VRQ – a virtual reality helmet with a plastic housing designed for use with smartphones with a screen diagonal from 3.5 to 6 inches. The peculiarity of this model – a modified fastening system of the virtual helmet on the head of the user, which eliminates increased due to the complexity of the design weight (380 grams).


The flagship model in the line was HIPER VRQ+. In fact, it is a copy of the model VRQ, but with a special controller in the kit. It can be used to control the smartphone in games and when viewing VR content.

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The joystick can work up to 40 hours in standby mode.


VR-helmets HIPER supports two standard 3D films: Side-By-Side (SBS) and 360-degree video. They are compatible with all apps from Google Play and the App Store, adapted to the use of VR-helmets. The device can be used with any smartphone with a diagonal screens from 4 to 6 inches, and the battery life is limited only by the capacity of the smartphone battery.

All buyers of virtual reality helmets HIPER will receive a free two-week access to all package applications Fibrum Premium Club, which includes more than 30 games designed specifically for virtual reality. All sets included are microfiber, wet wipes and 1 year warranty.

The cost of a new VR helmets from HIPER:

Virtual reality glasses VRQ+

2 490 rubles

Virtual reality glasses VRQ

1 990 rubles


1 390 rubles

Virtual reality glasses VRR

890 rubles

Source: 4pda.ru

HIPER presents a spring collection of VR headsets

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