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Holy war for the powder: what is silent Ghost Recon Wildlands (18+)

The silence of the night split the shots: special forces stormed the mansion of the drug dealer. Under the shower of bullets tattooed the guard retires to the second floor, but access to heavy weapons is not time — comes to battlefield attack helicopter of the police. Multiple gun drills walls and tearing bandits to shreds. Air attack in a crowded area barabanami and broads? This hollywoodin authors Ghost Recon Wildlands called “reliable history of the struggle of American operatives with a Mexican cartel?”

Hard to believe, but the developers are not telling the whole story. A month ago a similar scene played out on the streets of the Mexican city of Tepic: the Marines used a helicopter to sweep the base of the cartel “Beltran Leyva”. A year earlier, the militants of another gang knocked out army the helicopter with a rocket launcher, however, everything was not in the city centre and in a rural area.

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In 2009, an episode of the series “In all heavy” with head Danny Trejo, turned gangsters in improvised explosive device, evoked laughter from forensic experts. A year later, nobody laughed: the drug dealers near the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez used the corpse of a civilian and 10 kilograms of explosives to lure the cops into a trap. When talking about the war on drug crime, the reality is often crazier than any fantasy writers. So how believable plot Wildlands about Bolivia 2019, turned to the Mexican group “Santa Blanca” in a cocaine factory?


Weaklings do not belong here

“Drug trafficking brings them in the year from 19 to 35 billion dollars. They bought politicians, mayors and police guts, effectively destroying the institutions of government. Regions ruled by criminal bosses. They imposed a tribute of businessmen, kidnapped the army generals and officers, decapitated and left in public places to intimidate. The government is on the verge of collapse, and this threat will have to understand the Command of the combined forces of the United States”. Looks like the briefing before starting a mission in Ghost Recon?

However, this is a real excerpt from the report of Brigadier General Barry McCaffrey: in 2009, the situation in Mexico was so alarming that the Pentagon had worked for the action in the event of its complete transformation into a Bantustan. How did the country of tequila and tacos has come to the drug war (Mexican Drug War) between syndicates, police and government troops? The answer is simple: cocainum.

О чём молчит Ghost Recon Wildlands

In the 80s the US has blocked the transit of cocaine through the Caribbean, and Colombian potion poured into Mexico. With the collapse of the Empire of Pablo Escobar, the mediators have become major bigwigs: in the ‘ 90s the descendants of the Aztecs controlled 90% white powder, imported to the States. And it was relatively quiet for Mexico time: officials stuffed his pockets with bribes and criminal bigwigs, razgranicenja zone of influence, avoiding street shootings.

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That all changed in 2000, when the PRI party that ruled for seven decades, for the first time, lost the election. The newly elected Parliament declared war on the drug traffickers, and long-lasting system of secret treaties, peace pacts and bribery collapsed like a house of cards. Cartels began redistribution of business, and the streets are stained with blood. As a result, in 2006, President Felipe calderón had to pacify the crime to throw a fight the army, because some regions it has almost no control over. But not Felipe was sombrero: the bandits had their own battalions, equipped with the latest technology. The scale of the battles can be seen in the episode 2010: two thousand Marines, with the support of “hammer” and “turntables” two days cleaning the city Apatzingan from five hundred fighters cartel “Michoacan family.”

О чём молчит Ghost Recon Wildlands

In 2004, the conflict 1,5 thousands of lives, in 2011-m — 17, and today the figure has exceeded 80 thousand. Odious leaders like “El Chapo” guzmán imprisoned or killed, and the street violence began to wane. However, Mexico continues to be rocked by terrorist attacks, assassinations and corruption scandals. In short, the idea of the writers of Ubisoft about the country divided into spheres of influence between the government and the cartel, frighteningly believable.


Cocaine Paradise

Bolivia selected scene Wildlands for a reason too. This South American Republic is the third largest producer of cocaine, but also shares borders with Brazil, the largest transit point, supplying potion, Europe and Asia. And if Colombia and Peru are cooperating with the United States, destroying plantations of Coca, Bolivia pesky gringo in the office of the drug enforcement administration (DEA) put out back in 2008. And allowed farmers to grow Coca under strict supervision, to sell to the state: for the production of tea, sweets, soda and toothpaste. Chewing the leaves of this plant is an integral part of national traditions.

О чём молчит Ghost Recon Wildlands

And all anything, but, according to a government study in 2013, for the needs of the food industry of Bolivia it is sufficient to sow 14,700 hectares of Coca, and the actual acreage is 20,400. There is no need to be Tony Montana, to grasp the fact, where does the excess raw materials. Add to this the huge forest areas, to monitor that the authorities are simply not able to, closed communities of farmers cocaleros, open borders with Brazil and Peru Latin American and good old corruption. The senselessness and ruthlessness embodies the prison of San Pedro, located in the centre of 1.5 million city of La Paz.

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It is a real state within the state, where the thieves and drug dealers. The territory is divided into eight sectors: of the poor, where prisoners sleep on the dirty concrete floor, to luxurious in which cameras are worth up to $10,000. In a self-governing commune prisoners live with their wives and children, paying for their content and protection not entering the property. In San Pedro through the efforts of the inmates are shops, bakery, hairdresser, gym and even a hotel. And here, almost openly is produced and transported “into the wild” the pure cocaine. This world learned in 2003: Australian Rusty young spent three months in jail and described his misadventures in the novel “Marching Powder”.

О чём молчит Ghost Recon Wildlands

But the DEA does not sleep. Judging by the merged in 2015 information, Americans collect data about the involvement of the environment of the Bolivian President, Evo Morales.. Code name for the operation: “the Naked king”. It is noteworthy that in Ghost Recon Ghost squad on orders of the CIA and the DEA performs an operation with a similar name: “the Killer king”.


The mad false prophet

In the game Ubisoft king is, of course, the leader of the cartel “Santa Blanca”. The six-foot thug El Sueño (Spanish — “the Dreamer”) diabolical cunning and manic religious: imagine a cross between Lex Luthor and Zachariah Comstock. One minute he speaks the gospel truth in the other and cuts out entire families. El Sueño is not only building a cocaine Empire in Bolivia, and fancies himself a Messiah, creating for the glory of God New Eden. Drug Lord, who wrote his own Bible? Managing mafia clan as a spiritual order? Well, the same nonsense! The grim irony is that this character has a historical prototype.

О чём молчит Ghost Recon Wildlands

When Nazario Moreno nicknamed “the Craziest” led in 2006, a syndicate of the “Michoacan family”, he turned it into a pseudo-religious organization. Gangster preacher regarded himself as the new Jesus, but this did not prevent him behead and sell meth by the ton. The doctrine Moreno was based on the wild jumble of Christian and Marxist ideas, laced with quotes from “Braveheart”, “the Godfather” and even superhero comics. While other gangs have committed villainy for the benefit of, the militants of the “Family” presented himself with noble knights who preside over divine justice. The latest looked like this: people drawn and quartered, flogged with whips, and crucified.

Over time, Nazario, the subjugation of the entire state of Michoacan, had finally lost touch with reality. “Messiah” dressed in a white tunic with a red cross and reformed the organization for the type of society the medieval crusaders. Thus arose the most bloodthirsty gang of Mexico — “the Cartel of the knights Templar”. Holy war, these “Templars” were reduced to looting, drug trafficking, murder… and cannibalism. Yes, initiation rites were often accompanied by eating the hearts of enemies. And even Crazier was erected across the region with its chapel statues.

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О чём молчит Ghost Recon Wildlands

At the end of this terrible history is not less absurd: “Templar” won conventional farmers, doctors and doctors. Residents of Michoacan have taken up arms, were organized into territorial defence units and began to squeeze the mafia, town after town (this has produced the excellent documentary film “cartel Land”). Then joined the Mexican army, zastrelitsia in 2014 Moreno.


The strategy of “decapitation”

Structurally, the Empire of the villain Ghost Recon, albeit talking about the tattooed mobsters with AK-47 resembles a conventional multinational Corporation: bosses, executives, laborers, guards and even PR. Therefore, for the collapse of the business the four forces are not so much levelled warehouses and laboratories, how many hunts on the management of CJSC “Cocaine”. Hunt down the supplier of raw materials, to eliminate three captains, to arrest Zama El Sueño. And there already and to the king’s hand. Imitation gangster Mafia showdown 3?

О чём молчит Ghost Recon Wildlands

No, in reality, States and act, killing key commanders of the terrorist and criminal groups. The strategy of “decapitation” (The Kingpin Strategy) showed itself in all its glory in the middle East, killed bin Laden and wiped out the leaders of “al-Qaeda” — has created an even greater monster in the guise of ISIS (is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation — approx. ed.). In the struggle with the cartels Felipe Calderon also relied on the “cutting heads”, but got — crushing the gangs, the redistribution of territories and long-term chaos.

The situation is a stalemate. On the one hand, the Mexican government can not disarm the leaders of the syndicates: they act like a cancer eroding the legitimate authority. On the other — profits so crazy that the place of the deposed boss always marks a dozen young and the restless. “You spend 65 bucks on ingredients, and get methamphetamine worth $18 thousand. Buy Bolivian cocaine for $2K and sell it on American streets for $80 thousand. Who refuse to fight for it?”says the former head of the DEA, Mike vigil.

[embedded content]

In this light, it is easy to imagine a near future in which powerful Mexican don decides to move the business away from the war at home. In a corrupt country where not liking the damned Yankees and where the raw materials in abundance. Here is the story about the Wildlands of the leader of “Santa Blanca” building your Paradise, cocaine and the Bolivian women and girls. How Americans react to this mess? Send a detachment of “ghosts”. Guess which anarchy cast brave “obezglavlivanii” region? Good intentions…

The author of the text: Vladimir Saldan

Source: 4pda.ru

Holy war for the powder: what is silent Ghost Recon Wildlands (18+)

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