8474 How could look first gaming smartphone from Motorola

How could look first gaming smartphone from Motorola

A few years ago, the company focused on smartphone-centric games. A striking example is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. It turns out that on the release of this device pondered and Motorola. E Xu from the Behance community together with sun-Cuny Bai, the lead designer of the Motorola Atrix 2, showed a concept gaming smartphone that could come out in 2011. The device was to obtain two main cameras for shooting 3D video, the two front chambers, one of which was put forward from the body, and stereo speakers.


On the right side on a glass slide rear, you will notice eye-catching element. It could be a fingerprint scanner. Just in 2011, the Motorola Atrix came with this option. The power button and volume controls are located so that they were easier to press in landscape mode.


You can also note a fairly thin frame around the display by the standards of the time. So, for comparison, look Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Motorola Atrix, released in 2011:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Motorola Atrix

Although Motorola has not released this game smartphone this year should reach a module controller for smartphone range Moto Z that provide a more convenient control in games.

Source: techdroider.com

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