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How “make” App Store: how to do, to circumvent the limits to become a developer

Как «сделать» App Store: как обойтись, обойти ограничения, стать разработчиком

Many users of Apple devices complain about paid content in the App Store. And, if you do not think that the developers also need to eat and obtain resources to create new applications that users can understand. In fact, despite the relatively convenient payment system, often we just take the money for paid apps, which given the economic situation in the country does not seem to us shameful or wrong.

In the Internet you can find hundreds of thousands of articles on how to hack the App Store, but before you enthusiastically rush into battle with the bourgeois system, every owner of i-techs need to objectively assess the risks. Apple software together with all your additional applications is designed to provide the most comfortable use and protection of personal data of the user.

Moreover, an inexperienced hacker could crack the system, to set everything in order, you will have to pay a decent amount, especially that the deliberate invasion and manipulation is not a warranty case. So, trying to circumvent the system, you accept the fact that risking security of your device and will use apps from untrusted sources.

How to install apps without App Store

Recently gaining popularity the alternative App Store called vShare – the creation of Chinese developers. A definite plus of this app is that it allows you to install various iOS apps, including paid, without having to jailbreak. In the end we have a non-jailbroken device with access to all your apps – very convenient.

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The first thing you need to change the date of the device on the 1st of September 2014.
After open the Safari browser and go to the site http://vshare.com
Read the information in the pop-up window, close the window with the x in the upper right corner.

For the device without Jailbreaking click “to Download (Jailbreak)”, for a device with Jailbreak, select the “Download (Original)”. Don’t try to find logic in the buttons, most likely, to blame the world-renowned Chinese translators.

Agree to install the application.

When the installation completes, the application shortcut appears on the desktop, you can change the date back.

The installation is now complete. You now have access to alternative app store. But, like all Chinese, vShare is the same high quality. Apps loaded a long time, and the installation can sometimes take a long time. But it’s free.

скачать вк без app store

Now any program download without can easily.

How to remove the restriction in the App Store

Another problem polzovateley – restrictions App Store. In particular, the restriction on downloading files more than 100MB without connecting to WiFi. This restriction was introduced for user comfort and to prevent accidental downloading through mobile Internet.

Apple has ensured that you have not spent a lot of money from his mobile account by downloading a great app, but given no choice, because of the ability to bypass the limitation of the App Store in the settings just yet.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it is much easier than you might think. To download an app larger than 100 MB, do the following:

  1. Start the download a game or application.
  2. A window appears that the file will not be uploaded until you connect to WiFi.
  3. Agree, click “OK”.
  4. Restarting the device.
  5. After a device reboot, the application download will start automatically.
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Just like that you can remove limitation of 100 MB in the App Store, just pack your mobile Internet was enough for such shenanigans.

How to submit to the App Store and its application

This question is relevant to developers seeking to promote and popularize their products.

So to make your application available to users of the App Store, you need to first become an Apple Developer om. To do this, go to the link developer.apple.com/programs/ios. There select the item “New Apple Developer” and click “Continue”.

In the next window, select who we are – a company or developer. The developers of the smaller issues, companies also have filling out more detailed questionnaires.

Then a form will appear where you need to enter your personal details.

After fill a form with questions about categories, our applications platforms for which we create our experience in this business and the market in which orientirueshsya.

Accept the license agreement, enter the password which came by e-mail. Registration is almost over!

If we register a company, we have the information about companies, addresses, telephone numbers, data of the person, registered company, and so on.

The next step is to recheck all the information and confirm it. Processing the request usually takes not more than a day, then it is necessary to accept the agreement and to contribute $99.

Next, Apple will ask you to prove that you are not a robot, and the person and the company your the real. It will have to collect all the necessary documents, carefully translate them into English and send it by Fax. After that you will at least a week of waiting.

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If your documents are all well, wait for the bell and get ready to Shine with knowledge of spoken English. After you get access to the developer portal, and permission to publish. Finally!

Размещение приложения в app store

Before you create an app in the App Store
will have to pass the multilevel check and solve some of the formalities

Then you should very carefully read the app requirements, if you still haven’t. Make sure that your application meets all the requirements of Apple, and feel free to send their offspring to the test.

In the verification process you can put forward specific requirements, backed up by convincing arguments, to pay attention to bugs and functional errors.

Error correction and re-inspection can last long enough until your app will not be perfect according to the verifier. It’s annoying, but also a matter of respect, because a thorough check of each application guarantee publication in the App Store only quality products.

Once your application is deemed worthy to post, you can start to prepare for publication. Requirements for the icon, screenshots, title and description is on the official website.

Before you place an app in the app Store, make sure it meets the latest trends, its design is not too bright annoying colors, and get ready to follow the updates of iOS to adapt and update your child in accordance with the latest trends.

As you can see, to place the program in the App Store have pretty hard, but push your app to the international market more than real, so go for it!

How “make” App Store: how to do, to circumvent the limits to become a developer

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