How to block Vkontakte objectionable

Как заблокировать в ВКонтакте неугодных

Wide open spaces social network Vkontakte is a favorable environment for individuals is very specific mental organization, of which VC is easier to block than to make small talk (keep your hair on!).

Therefore, web developers in advance care about this nuance, and did all that restricting access was the most intuitive and user friendly.
Add to blacklist VK unwanted user can not only while on his personal page, but the page public, it means you are an administrator.

But let’s all in order, after all, ways to put on the black list in the VC several.

How to block VK man

I way – from annoying, harmful followers:

  • Open the window of your profile and select “Settings”.
  • In the “Settings” need to find “Black list” and click the top button “add to blacklist”.
  • Only here to enter in the search field don’t need anything, because you will be presented with a list of subscribers, and next (in each profile) button “Block.”

Method II – if the person is not in the list of your subscribers:

  • Go directly to a page foe, and copy the address of his (her) profile from the address bar of the browser.
  • Go back to your page and go to “Settings”, as in the first method. Click the button “add to blacklist” and in the search box, paste the address of the profile, as a precaution we have already copied.
  • Finally, push the treasured button to “Lock” next to the profile of the enemy.
  • Ready! You are a lovely and insidious.
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In the case of what to remove from CHS – a matter of five seconds. Simply click on the button “Remove from list” next to this profile.

Как забанить в ВК

Here is how Vkontakte add to blacklist user

How to restrict VC access group bad man

If you, as the administrator of the community Vkontakte, want to restrict access to some people here, the algorithm is slightly different.

  • Click “Manage page” button below the avatar.
  • Copy the url profile of the subscriber must be banned VK.
  • Click on the “Black list” and paste in the search bar just copied the address.
  • Click “add to blacklist”.
Как забанить ВКонтакте подписчика

How to close access to the Vkontakte page of the community to anyone

Unlike blacklist personal pages, CHS community you can add a person at a certain time – lock period and specify reason and add a comment that you blocked the user will see as soon as I try again to go to the community page.

Upon the expiration of lock access to the community for the blocked user will automatically open. But you can without waiting for a completion date of “sanctions” to unlock it (if you believe that he has reformed). To do this, remove the name of the profile from the list of unwanted subscribers.
It may be a situation where the black list will not your foes, and you (all in God’s hands!).

If you do manage to blacklist Facebook, how to know about it

In this case, it is useful thing is the app Blacklist & Hidden Friends, which, after analyzing the pages of your friends and friends of friends, will give you a detailed list of those people who added your person to your black list.
To find out who you have limited access to their pages, run this application by reference

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Thus, the management of black list. is

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