1611 How to choose a bread maker: the hosts note
How to choose a bread maker: the hosts note

How to choose a bread maker: the hosts note

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How to choose a bread maker: the hosts note

One of us loves early rises in the morning, accompanied by heart-rending sounds of the alarm clock? But if this a serious internal struggle between “time to get up” and “Oh, five more minutes” to add the smell of fresh home baking, that morning will play a much more joyful colours…

You can already hear this seductive aroma of fresh bread with a crispy crust?

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Свежая выпечкаBut in the constant rush and the need everywhere to keep pace not every woman can afford to spend a few hours in your busy schedule for making real homemade bread.

So bread in modern conditions is not a luxury but a means of caring for the health of your family.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлебопечка на кухнеBaking bread yourself is every woman puts in it a piece of his love and care he gives to every member of the family, eating at least one slice from the “magic” of a loaf.

And besides, how delicious would not purchase store-bought bread, you never know until the end what’s it made of. Besides monitoring the quality of home-made cakes can be enriched in many different ingredients: nuts, seeds, honey, bran or even spices. The field for experimentation is endless!

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Приготовление хлеба в хлебопечкеBy the way, if You follow a gluten-free diet, then that’s not a reason to completely eliminate baked goods from your diet – bake self-correct and a useful loaf of bread and enjoy!

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – ЗавтракWhich bread maker would be better to pamper your family fresh pastries in the morning?

What characteristics should pay attention to?

Share tips with budding home bakers.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлебопечка с ингредиентамиThe contents


Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Габариты хлебопечкиFirst and foremost, when choosing a bread machine is determined by the quantity of baked bread. Internal useful volume directly affects the external dimensions of the device – what it is, the more space will be taken in the kitchen of a new device.

The average volume of forms allows you to prepare for times from 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg of bread. For a family of two people, you can choose a compact model with a volume form up to 0.6 kg, and for the average family of 3-4 people will need a format not less than 1 kg for cooking. If the family is large and the bread is clearly the head of the table, you should pay attention to the largest model at 1.2-1.5 kg.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлеб в хлебопечкеThe most popular model with an average volume of from 0.8 kg to 1 kg. they can be cooked as a full-sized loaves, and small products. If you compare with large hlebopechke, then bake them in small amount is not recommended, bowl and arrangements will overheat without adding “longevity” to the device, plus the “idle” waste of electricity.

The emphasis is on power

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлебопечь в металлическом корпусеPower is the second important factor that you need to pay attention to the bread maker. The amount of energy consumed depends on the internal volume of the device and, consequently, what it is, the more energy will be needed for the kneading and baking of the finished product.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Компактная формаThe average power in the different models varies from 450 watts to 1600 watts. For compact and medium-size bread will be enough 500-800 W, and for large models (1.5 kg) it is better to pay attention to more high power – 1000 watts.

By the way, usually the more powerful models have a broader functionality. For example, low-power devices is unlikely to be the strength to knead dough for pasta or dumplings, but more powerful bread machine will easily cope with this task. The buyer can only choose between efficiency and versatility.

In the thrall of technology: a series of programs

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлебопечка KenwoodEach bread maker has a built 4 the main program. This is a mandatory minimum without which no I do not.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлебопечка Kenwood управлениеKneading dough. Depending on the model bread maker can work with different type of test. The simplest cope with only mild yeast (“bread”) test, while more powerful and advanced then mix stiffer dough (for homemade pasta, for example).

Standard mode. This is the cornerstone, which contains a full cycle of making bread – from kneading to baking. Takes up to 4 hours.

Accelerated. Differs from the standard program reduced cooking time. In this mode, the bread will be cooked for two hours. But an accelerated option is not often used in practice, it doesn’t bake the same lush and porous bread, as the full cycle.

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Baking. Mode baking all bakery products.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлебопечка MoulinexIn addition to the main programs, the bread machine may have additional features.

Program for rye bread. This mode is available in more powerful hlebopechka, as dark breads need more careful and intensive mixing. Bread, from rye flour is also good and even variety of daily family diet.

French bread. The longest and perhaps the most “delicious” program for the bread. 6 hours of cooking the bread turns out very airy and soft as the legendary French bread.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Французский хлебProgram for cupcakes. Suitable for any sweet pastries and tasty food for tea. Although baking them is possible and usual baking in the bread maker if there is a timer.

Jam. How not to diversify the bread machine non-standard features? The function of a peculiar and not very productive – the output is just about 1 liter of jam or preserves (depending on the volume of the Cup), and cook it is long enough.

Program for breads with additives. Provide for the addition to dough of various additives (seeds, sesame seeds, herbs, spices, dried fruit, etc.) or the preparation of bread with an unusual composition (with sour cream, honey, mustard). With the same success can be baked in the standard, a little experimenting and independently choosing optimal mode.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Дополнительные формыAnd for a bit of extra features and bells and whistles.

Timer. A good thing, especially if You use a delayed start. Also, the timer displays remaining cooking time on a small display.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – ТаймерChild lock. Protects the device from unauthorized children’s curiosity.

Dispenser. A separate compartment in which the filled ingredients or additives for the dough and portioned sapaudia him. Not the most demanded feature, because all the components can be put directly into the form.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – ДиспенсерRemembering settings. Actual possibility for those who are frequent changes in electricity. Bread maker for some time (usually 40 minutes) remembers the selected settings and mode, and after switching continues to work at the place at which it was interrupted.

The mold material and the casing

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Алюминиевая формаThe form-based household hlebopechka usually made of thin, lightweight, and for a better extraction of the finished bread from the inside “bucket” is covered with non-stick coating.

These forms have a low cost, they are light and if used properly (protect from mechanical damage with both external and internal sides) are long.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Формы из нержавейкиIn professional models that are designed for constant and prolonged pressure, often use stainless steel. It increases the cost of the bread machine, but adds a form of reliability and durability.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Пластиковая хлебопечка

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Металлическая хлебопечка KenwoodThe housing is usually made of plastic or thin metal. On the performance of the device material is not affected, however, if You prefer a more monumental and reliable appliances, you should give preference to the metal.

Top 5 best bread — rating 2016

Below is the model of bread that became the leaders of sales last year. What to choose and how consumers speak about their kitchen helpers?

Gorenje BM900 W

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Gorenje BM900 WBreadmaker Gorenje BM900 W made of white plastic and has lid viewing window to monitor the baking process.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Gorenje BM900 W сверхуForm with Teflon coating, designed for cakes up to 900 g. the Model offers 12 built-in automated programs. Many Housewives have to taste a choice of crust color of the finished bread – from light Golden to very dark.

The device has a simple push-button controls, and all options selected and time remaining are displayed on a small display. With a power of 600 W W BM900 sparingly uses electricity and provides a wide field of culinary experiments.

In addition, Gorenje BM900 bread maker W supports the function of delayed start and sustain mode ready heat the bread or dessert.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Gorenje BM900 W комплектацияA good choice if You are looking for a reliable bakery with a variety of functions at an affordable price.

Customer reviews.

“Great! Use this miracle for two months and is very happy! Store-bought bread already can’t eat!!!”

“Great bread maker at a reasonable price. The bread turned out the first time — very tasty. Took the recipe from the cookbooks that came with the bread maker. The most important thing before starting, read the instructions, which describes how to do the tab products and you will succeed. Very happy with purchase.”

Dex DBM-707

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Dex DBM-707Stylish bread maker in metal thermally insulated housings Dex DBM-707 has 11 cooking programs, including “standard set” as well as the regimes of French bread, jam, whole wheat bread and super rapid bake.

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Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Dex DBM-707 задняя частьIncluded measuring Cup, measuring spoon, and a book on 41 recipe. Management DBM-707 touch, has a LCD display and internal backlighting. Consumes the model 615 W/h and is designed for loaves and cakes weighing up to 900 g. you can Also set the size of the finished bread.

Additional features – choice of crust color, delay start up to 13 hours, keeping it warm after baking. Dex DBM-707 will be a good helper for a family of several people, in which bread and various pastries will prepare on a daily basis.

Customer reviews.

“Long was going to buy a bread machine and a lot of revised models, settled on this one and have not regretted. The first time you use the recipe from the book-bread normal user failed. Flour remains in the corners of forms and is not fully vynashivalas, respectively, the bun did not work and the bread was not fluffy. But after reading the reviews and the advice of people who have experienced the same problem the second time everything came out perfectly. It came out very crisp, delicious and aromatic bread.”

Aristoula Dana hlubocky year, PECs mayzhe cutaneous day francuzski HLB. May family I nails spodobavsya the same VIN. Recipe TRUSTe doskonale – I shorted more boroshna less water. Everything is super!

Philips HD9016/30

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Philips HD9016-30 сбокуDid You know that in the bread maker can not only bake fresh and crusty bread, sweet pastries or cooking fruit jams? In Philips HD9016/30 you can still prepare homemade yogurt in the kit it has an extra container with lid for convenient storage. The entire model has 12 different cooking modes.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Philips HD9016-30At a power of 600 watts bread maker lets you bake two loaf sizes (750g and 1kg) and to adjust the color and quality of crust. Conveniently, when kneading the dough, you can add additional ingredients – sound indicator will tell you when it can be done.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Philips HD9016-30 спередиHD9016-30 keeps the pastry warm for hours after the end of the program and supports the start delay up to 13 hours.

Remarkably, the bread maker is quiet – noise level less than 65 dB. If You want to get hot fresh bread for Breakfast, and you use delay start, quiet operation of the device will not disturb the sleeping household.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Philips HD9016-30 дисплейIf Your family are all adherents of a healthy home-made food and personally prepared products, Philips HD9016/30 will help to simplify not only the baking of homemade bread, but also the production of natural homemade yogurt and wholesome jams and jellies. Getting these essential everyday products you can always be sure in their quality and use.

Of the minuses can be noted that when kneading a very cool test might also be flour in the corners of the form. But this can be avoided by making the dough consistency is milder or manually stir in the flour with a silicone spatula.

Customer reviews.

“This is my first bread maker. Use 2 weeks, very happy with purchase. From personal experience — in order to cap the white bread did not fall, all the recipes you need to reduce the amount of fluid in 20 — 30 ml (if the book was 250 ml, it is best to pour 220 — 230 ml). The rest of the ingredients to add on the prescription book. Still love yogurt, prepared from natural home boiled milk.”

“Very pleased with the bread maker! Took her for Easter to bake cakes. It turned out so delicious for the ears ottyanesh, though of sugar for 4 scoops rely more than in the recipe. The bread is just yum-yum! But in December I have a little top fell down, as I understand it, flour didn’t fit. Recipe book pleased with the tips and precision, but also the scales are not needed – everything is measured by cups and spoons!”

Panasonic SD-2511WTS

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Panasonic SD-2511WTSSpacious family bread maker Panasonic SD-2511WTS allows you to adjust the weight of the loaves and bake bread from 0.6 to 1.25 kg. in addition, the model will appeal to supporters of a healthy diet – it is possible to bake gluten-free bread and gluten-free under a special program.

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Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Panasonic SD-2511WTS спередиFor ease of adding additional components to the SD 2511 has a special dispenser.

The cooking modes in the model 14, and the power consumption is 550 watts. In addition to the usual program “Jam” may with equal success make it a compote or fruit drinks. Bread maker has a timer delay is 13 hours and reserve memory in case of failures in the electric system up to 10 minutes.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Panasonic SD-2511WTS управлениеThe disadvantages include the height and the lack of a viewing window on the lid.

The model with the big useful volume will be appropriate for a large family, especially if a healthy lifestyle is her motto.

Customer reviews.

“Bread is really good, this is especially appreciated by lovers of healthy nutrition, the program maladroitly bread I found only the Panasonic. By the way, on this program I go out and yeast-free sourdough bread. Bread turns lush and delicious. Paddle in bread stayed a couple of times (in rye bread), but mostly the bread comes out easily and the blade stays in the bucket. This bread maker are 6 months, they bake through the day and of course I recommend.”

“I use it regularly 1.5 years. Copes with white, and with black bread. I always use the start delay. Regularly use the function of kneading the dough for the dumplings – the dough turns elastic. And pies is also conveniently makes one baking sheet of pies. To make jam not tried. The beep is really quiet, but he does not Wake anyone in the morning. Choosing this device, I read that this is the Mercedes among bread. Confirm.”

Kenwood BM450

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Kenwood BM450From our “top” of the most powerful and universal was Kenwood BM450 – it consumes 750 watts and has 15 built-in programs, and an additional 5 that can be independently programmed. Moreover, the BM450 looks very stylish and modern – metal case with a glass cover and touch panel control.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Kenwood BM450 сбокуFor easy monitoring of the baking process provides the viewing window on the lid and internal light that turns on when you need to check at what stage is the future loaf, and automatically turns off after 60 seconds.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Kenwood BM450 подсветкаOn the display you can not only watch the remaining cooking time, but also because of the indicators it is possible to track at what stage is the dough.

In the model additionally provided an automatic dispenser for additives in 125 g

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Kenwood BM450 диспенсерBuilt-in timer delay start of work up to 15 hours and for once in BM450 is 1 kg of bread or pastries.

Feature of the model is convection baking, by which the heat is distributed evenly over the entire area of the test and allows you to achieve the perfect “blush” even on top.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Kenwood BM450 открытаяTo sum up, the car is just ideal. Reliable, comfortable, well thought-out, with tons of features and programs that can be supplemented according to your taste. One drawback – the price is high.

Customer reviews.

“Never leave reviews, but here I can’t keep. Use this bread maker for about 2 years. Get pleasure from the process and outcome. Easy to use, many programs (though used a maximum of 3), it is possible to program your own. Delay bake allows you to have Breakfast with freshly baked bread. However, the recipe book did not really work, but on the Internet you can find a recipe for every taste.”

“Use the fourth month, very satisfied! The bread was great, no comparison with store-bought! Baked white, gray, with seeds and nuts, cake for Easter — delicious. Knead the dough for dumplings, buns, tried and strawberry jam to cook, very convenient, no need to constantly watch it closely and stir…”

The results

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Хлебопечка HamiltonGenerally speaking, what bread You liked, with its main task – the kneading, the rising and baking – any model can handle a Bang. The first step is to decide on the maximum size of baked bread and power consumption.

Additional “stuffing” in the form of a delay start dispensers and the possibility to cook winter squash – it is not mandatory parameters, but they can ease the cooking process.

Как выбрать хлебопечку хозяйкам на заметку – Домашний хлебLet Your cakes will always be lush and fragrant! And Your household will say “thank you” for excellent home-made bread, which you cannot buy anywhere else!

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