How to choose a mattress: expert advice

How well and efficiently we rest a night, depends on what our mood and well-being in the coming day.

The mattress is the part of our house which is able to give us a lovely stay, so if You decide to upgrade your mattress, go to this task with all responsibility.

The mattress market offers many different models of spring blocks either with latex filling. So simple in appearance, the product hides a lot of different nuances that require careful examination, which we will tackle in this article.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – гора из матрасовThe optimal size of the mattress

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – размер матрасаWhen buying a mattress is very important in addition to useful properties and appearance of the product to pay special attention to its size. Dimensions should be selected taking into account the characteristics of your bed. Carefully measure the length and width of the bed.

If the bed is only planned for the correct selection of a mattress you will need to know her size. Check with the store where you buy the bed, the exact size of the bed (the place where the mattress will lie), not its external volumes.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – размер кроватиThe majority of manufacturers of furniture and mattresses product manufactured in standard sizes. As a rule, the factory specializing in the manufacture of mattresses, adhere to a common standard sizes in increments of 5 cm.

If you have a custom size mattress, extra 5-10% of the total cost, the manufacturer can manufacture the order according to individual size.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – кровать и матрасThe length of the mattress. Maximum and uniform length of the mattress, which is suitable for almost any height – 200 cm, but this does not mean that the mattresses are only with such a measure of length. In that case, if your growth does not exceed 170-175 cm, You will feel comfortable and the mattress is long 190 or 195 cm.

It is important to remember and know that for a comfortable sleep, the mattress length must exceed the height of a man at least 15 cm!

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – длина матрасаThe width of the mattress. The width of the mattresses are conventionally divided into three categories: double, twin and single.

Standard size twin mattress width can be 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm.

160 cm is the optimal width of the mattress, which is very easy to pick up the bed of the corresponding size.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – ширина матраса180 cm and 200 cm mattress width this is ideal for a family with one or more young children who love to sleep with their parents.

Below are the standard sizes of all three categories of mattresses:

Standard size double mattress 140х190, 140×200, 160х190, 160×200.

The size of the family mattress 180×190, 180×200, 200×200.

Standard size twin mattresses — 120х190, 120×200.

Standard sized single mattresses — 80х190, 80х200, 90×190 sm 90×200.

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The height of the mattress. In choosing the height of the mattress rely on your preferences, given that the mattress must be at least a couple of inches higher than the side walls of the bed frame.

When the mattress is chosen correctly, we take it for granted and do not think about the importance of this process, and also about the little details and nuances that influence this choice. As a reward we get a healthy sleep sweetly and soundly sleeping, and our body is resting and regaining her strength.

Otherwise, if a good tandem out of the bed and mattress did not work (too large a mattress bends, and the small is not enough to cover the entire surface of the bed), it felt instantly.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – здоровый сонThe spring or springless?

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов - какой матрас лучшеNo matter what type, spring or springless mattress, You will prefer its primary “mission” will not change, and will be to ensure certain functions:

  • — to create favorable conditions for strong and healthy sleep;
  • — provide quality support for the spine and body, as well as additional anatomical and orthopaedic properties;
  • — sustainable use and long time to perform all the above functions.

Favourable conditions for strong and healthy sleep.

Much difference between spring and springless mattresses from the viewpoint of ensuring favorable conditions for your sleep no. Preferring pocket spring mattress, take into account the thickness of the upper and lower layers. If a layer about 2-3 cm You can feel the springs, and this, in turn, will entail some inconvenience.

Modern technology of our time allows to handle the cases as spring, and springless mattresses special treatment: antistatic and antibacterial. Additional comfort you will provide a mattress cover made of natural fabrics.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – пружинный матрасProviding quality support to the spine and body, as well as additional anatomic and orthopedic properties.

To date, consumer demand for mattresses is very high. 20 years ago, when there were these advertised terms “orthotic” and “anatomical”, the choice of the mattress are treated much simpler than in modern reality. Manufacturers are aware of this and constantly working on improvement of mattresses.

Ensuring the proper support of the body is synonymous with orthopedic effect. For the implementation of this support in spring mattress respond directly spring blocks, and the main burden falls on them.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – пружинный блокIf You want to buy spring mattress, it is better to give preference to products on the independent spring blocks. Each spring as the “cocoon” is separate and not in contact with other springs, resulting in better support.

Take into account the fact that the higher density of springs, the greater the anatomical and prosthetic effects, and the mattress will be able to withstand heavy loads.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – ортопедический эффектIn turn, the springless mattress for the proper support of the weight of the person will be liable only fillers. The higher the hardness of the filler, the lower anatomical mattress, and orthopedic effect with this on the contrary increases.

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Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – беспружинный матрасSpringless mattress of medium hardness is made from a monolithic foam, which has several zones differing in stiffness (in the lumbar region inserts of more rigid foam, and the area of the legs and shoulder has elastic filler).

The orthopedic effect of such mattresses medium, and is provided with zones of different hardness throughout the entire mattress. Unfortunately, the drawback of such mattresses is their high pricing.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – беспружинный матрас Comparing two types of mattresses, springless and pocket spring mattress, it is also important to understand their individual characteristics. When You sit down or lie down on the spring mattress, it creates a spring effect (small oscillations), while the springless such fluctuations is minimal. This happens due to the fact that latex filler has a low spring effect and any vibration almost instantly extinguished.

Resistance to use. The durability of any spring or springless mattresses depends on the quality of the manufacturer and filler of which it is composed. In order for the mattress proclaim you as long as possible, observe all operating rules, and do not overload it greater weight than stated in the instructions.

The level of hardness

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – жесткость матрасаDetermining the correct stiffness of the mattress is another important aspect when buying.

From childhood we are taught that the most useful mattress – hard mattress. In this regard, many buyers do believe that only a firm mattress is able to exert a beneficial effect on the back and spine. In fact it is nothing more than a myth, which was formed in Soviet times.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – разная жесткостьThe levels of hardness of the mattresses are different, and choosing the right stiffness, you should take into account the parameters of age and weight. In some cases, if required by medical indications based on disease of the musculoskeletal apparatus, in the choice of mattress you will need the help and advice of a doctor.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – жесткость по возрастуIn the first months of life newborn babies are experiencing a phase of active formation of the locomotor apparatus and spine. This period of formation of pediatricians advise parents to opt for cots as hard springless mattress.

Since the age of two years the child grows up with a cot and move into a new phase of development. Choosing a mattress for your teenage bed, You should take into account the peculiarities of how quickly changes in the body weight of your child for several years, and take into account his personal preferences. The best solution would be the purchase of a mattress of medium hardness no matter what it will be models — spring or springless.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – правильное положениеDo not use a soft mattress adolescents and young people up to 25 years. Up to this age marks the human spine is still forming and therefore more relevant are the mattresses of high and medium hardness (take into account the weight of the body).

Adults 25 to 50 years, you can buy any mattress. In this case, your choice can affect both personal preferences and your weight category.

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If your age is close to the mark of 50 or above, you are contraindicated hard mattresses. Their use in this age can lead to serious complications with intervertebral discs. Best for you – soft and moderately hard model of mattresses.

General recommendations for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

  • in case of problems in the cervical or thoracic areas, choose medium hardness;
  • — if concerned about pain in the lumbar spine, you are pressing soft mattresses;
  • — if you have problems with posture and degenerative disc disease, doctors recommend a firm mattress.

To the question about the filler

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов - наполнителиAs filler for mattresses manufacturers, which they are made, using different raw material: natural, polyurethane and latex.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – латексLatex is a material obtained through a special processing technology milky juice of rubber trees.

Latex mattresses have a breathable porous structure, and the addition of the various synthetic elements mattress acquires strength and durability.

The most popular material is natural latex, which is composed of 80% rubber. However, its high price has forced scientists to develop synthetic latex.

This material is absolutely harmless for your body, and its characteristics are not inferior to natural latex.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – пенополиуретанHigh-quality polyurethane foam should have a volume weight and a dense texture. Light-weight, the ability of a foam mattress to recover form after bending is reduced. Therefore, it is important to remember that the lighter the mattress made of polyurethane foam, the less will be its service life.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – натуральный наполнительIn the modern world scientists have developed a large number of synthetic materials-analogues, but regardless of that, the mattresses made of natural raw materials remain relevant and in demand.

Natural mattresses are based on threads of animal and vegetable origin: coconut coir, horsehair, sisal, natural latex, wool and straw. In the composition of these filler ingredients may be applied separately or in various combinations.

Как выбрать матрас рекомендации экспертов – выбор наполнителяThe results

When purchasing a mattress, do not do this at random, or based only on external indicators, and a beautiful package.Carefully read the filling of the mattress, and the quality of his workmanship in the details.

Selecting a mattress, be sure to consider the weight of the person who will use it, as well as personal preferences in terms of level of hardness. Remember that the correct mattress should not be too soft (the effect of “hammock”), and you are using should provide all the necessary support for muscles and joints.

Every body is different, and your main task is to pick the mattress based on individual preference.

The main reward for their thoroughness in this case will be a great morning where You will feel rested and really refreshed.

View detailed information and to purchase mattresses.

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