How to choose a men’s umbrella: 5 tips

How to choose a men’s umbrella: 5 tips

According to historical facts, the first umbrella, the mention of which dates back to the 10th century ad, served as a shelter primarily from the sun.Scientists still can’t come to the conclusion, where were they invented for the first time in the far East or in Egypt?

And only two and a half centuries ago in Britain began to use umbrellas as protection from the rain. Since then, these simple design allow us to leave “dry from water.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – ЛондонUsually the umbrella is the everyday accessory, which is sold at least for a few years, and he served for a long time, you need to consider various factors. They are few, but their knowledge will definitely help not to be mistaken with the right choice.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Зонт в толпеUmbrellas also apply to those items that have age and gender. Today we will talk about how to choose a men’s umbrella and what to look for in the first place.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Зонт как аксессуарThe contents

Mostly dark colors and simply prints

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Мужской зонт в клеткуLadies umbrellas are usually full of a variety of colors, interesting prints and intricate patterns, and some models even complemented with lace or braid.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Мужской серый зонтBut, of course, for men are “mercy” are not suitable. Men’s umbrellas do in restrained neutral tones in black, brown, dark green, dark blue and various shades of grey.

If we talk about prints and patterns, the more often this cell (from simple to “plaid”), stripes or simple geometric designs. But the solid options are much more popular among representatives of a strong half.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Клетчатые мужские зонты

Determine the type of umbrella

All existing umbrellas are divided into two types – folding and walking-stick.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Складной мужской зонтFolding type of umbrellas is attractive for its compactness and ease migration with a little umbrella when folded may be only 15-18 cm It will easily fit even in a small bag, and thanks to low weight even for a long stay with an open umbrella in hand will not cause fatigue.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Складной зонтThe basis of this umbrella is a telescopic rod, which usually has from two to five additions. More than that is silly, the less room there is a folded umbrella, but the dome it will have a smaller diameter. Optimum umbrella in three additions.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Компактный механический зонтChoosing a folding umbrella is necessary to pay attention to the reliability of the frame and spokes to randomly applied stress was not the cause of the failure of the umbrella. And one more thing – the less folded parts, the more durable the whole structure.

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Umbrellas, even when folded, looks very impressive, so they play the role of not only the “homeless” during bad weather, but also serve as an elegant accessory to Your outfit. Due to its design sticks usually create a more rounded dome compared to the more smooth surface folding umbrellas.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Зонт-тростьTheir design as simple and durable – the spokes do not fold and even in the closed state preserve the continuity of form. Walking-stick is recognized as more secure than folding models, but the main one drawback is the size.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Зонт-трость открытыйThey are quite long and reduce their size will not work. If You have scheduled for the day a lot of running around the city, then this umbrella might even interfere. Plus umbrellas are leaders in the rating “the most forgotten things” — they are very convenient to hang the handle in some secluded place, but not always been able to remember what came to You with an umbrella.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Зонты-трость

Which umbrella is better: manual or automatic or semi-automatic?

Mechanical umbrella. Such umbrellas have long established themselves as the most durable and reliable. With careful handling mechanical model can be years and years. Typically, these umbrellas are cheaper than the automatic and semi-automatic counterparts.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Механический зонтThe main feature and the lack of mechanical models remains the disclosure of the dome – will have to do it manually. The process will involve both hands, which is not always convenient, especially when your hands are busy bag or need to do a transplant on public transport.

Semi-automatic umbrella. Perhaps the most common type of umbrellas today. Opens the umbrella by pressing a button, and put it already have to hand.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Полуавтоматический зонтIn fact, it is a compromise between two separate mechanisms: reliability of structures taken from the mechanics and machine borrowed the convenience and speed of erection of the dome. By the way, semi-automatic models typically have an average price category.

The system is “automatic”. The most convenient and fastest. Opening and closing of the umbrella is accomplished automatically at the touch of a button. Sometimes this mechanism is called “double machine”.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Автоматический зонтOf course, such a system at an accelerated rhythm of life will save much time and effort, but usually it is automatic umbrellas are more prone to breakdowns. And, of course, for convenience have to pay – automatic umbrellas are more expensive than other types.

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The quality of the materials

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Материал купола зонтаAs usual, meet on clothes. And the first thing that catches the eye at the sight of the umbrella is its dome. More precisely, the material from which it is made. After all, the stronger and safer the material, the better it will protect from rain and longer retain its properties. What types of fabric used for modern umbrellas?

Nylon. The most inexpensive material used for umbrellas. In addition, the nylon is thin enough and short-lived, so for reliability it is inferior to other materials.

Pongee. Kind of polyester with the addition of cotton thread. Is a new generation waterproof material – quick drying, soft to the touch and look more natural (without synthetic effect), which is a bit not typical for umbrellas. Drawback will only become a greater price tag.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Эпонж для зонтовPolyester. Most models of umbrellas on the market, made from polyester. It’s incredibly durable, reliable and moisture resistant synthetic material which is ideal for the manufacture of umbrella’s dome.

Its only drawback is the homeliness. There is in it a special Shine and look of these umbrellas is quite usual.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Зонт из полиэстераJacquard and satin. These materials are to a lesser extent used for the production of umbrellas, but they look much more advantageous compared to other.

Is derived materials from natural silk, and therefore look more expensive and, as they say, with pretensions to sophistication. But initially, satin and jacquard did not provide a water-repellent protective function, therefore, to acquire these qualities of these fabrics help special impregnation. Another disadvantage is that they have certain “tenderness” — they require careful care and wearing.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Зонт сатинPolyamide. One of the most durable materials. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and crease-resistant, umbrellas made of polyamide easy care and dries quickly. Appearance can be both matte and shiny. But usually such umbrellas are more expensive.

Don’t forget about the frame

The reliability of the frame – one of the fundamental criteria in choosing any umbrella. The material from which made the spokes and the rod depends on the strength and durability of the whole structure.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Каркас и спицыAluminium. The most easy and inexpensive frames are made of aluminum. But, as the metal is soft enough at this end of his dignity. Aluminum spokes and umbrella bases usually wear out quickly, and strong gusts of wind can even break spokes.

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Metal and steel alloys. Steel in its pure form is not used, although such parasols would be the most “survivable”. Instead, use the alloys that are lighter than the steel, but at the same time, resistant to wear and reliable in use.

Carbon (or carbon fiber). The material is lightweight and shock-sensitive, but, unlike ordinary plastic, the carbon is not as fragile, more flexible and restores its shape.

Fiberglass. Modern umbrellas it is quite widely represented, and its characteristics has many similarities with carbon – material is lightweight and flexible.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – КаркасAnother important factor is the number of spokes, installed in the umbrella. This is the Foundation that holds the stretched dome. They can be from 5 to 36, but their optimal number is considered to be 8-12.

If less spokes, the umbrella may have a weak tension of the dome to SAG and look a bit not aesthetically pleasing, but a greater number, though, and will add solidity to the overall appearance of the umbrella, but the functional load is not particularly.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Количество спицNow gaining popularity system “antiwater”, which forward manufacturers place their umbrellas. And do not feel like Mary Poppins when strong gusts of wind, and in the end to stay without an umbrella because of the vagaries of nature.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Выгнутый зонтStorm system is a additional springs on the needles, which protect them from damage during the raging of the wind. Thanks to them, the umbrella maximum can bend, but in order to return it to working condition, just put down the umbrella and again to reveal it. The spokes of the umbrellas with the windbreak system never made from aluminium.

The results

So, what is most important in umbrellas? Of course, the frame and its strength and material of the dome. Choosing a method of disclosure remains the most popular system of semi-automatic and the price is acceptable and comfortable to use.

Как выбрать мужской зонт 5 полезных советов – Прозрачный зонтThe type of umbrella – compact or stylish folding cane – you can choose based on personal preferences and conditions of use. For example, if You travel mostly by car, any kind will be convenient, and if you mostly use public transport with a folding umbrella will be much easier.

If your budget allows, try not to choose the budget options. They are not durable, and if used in very windy weather, it can become disposable.

And lastly. The umbrella as an amulet against rain: if he’s with you – it won’t rain!

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