How to choose a tablet: expert advice


How to choose a tablet: expert advice

To date, the tablet has ceased to be a rarity, becoming a faithful ally and darling of the public. The popularity of the tablets has blurred the lines between the sexes and age – they are used literally everything. Kids delight in watching cartoons on the online resources and plays games, but older users find the gadget a lot of other applications.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Дети с планшетом

One finds in the tablets your include someone day and night is lost in social networks and periodically “walks” on the Internet, someone sets new toys, passing level after level, and someone uses a device to work with documents and operational access to email after hours.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Чтение с планшета

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет на кухнеHowever, the market for “tablet” has a stable growth trend, and new models are popping up like mushrooms after rain. This, of course, wonderful, but to get lost in the plethora of characteristics and capabilities is not difficult.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшеты SamsungToday we will cover the main points that will help to Orient in the dimensionless range of tablets and pick the feature set that will perfectly fit your needs.

The contents

  1. Display
  2. Operating system
  3. Performance
  4. Memory
  5. Insights


Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – ДисплейWhat is basically required from a tablet? So he coped with the tasks set for it (which directly depend on the purpose of the acquisition) and, of course, pleasing to the eye a rich picture. Image quality and viewing angles are closely linked to the type of the matrix that the tablet market is represented by three main types.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – ЭкранTN is the prerogative of the most budget tablets. Technology today is already outdated, a new model with such matrices is almost not available. Perhaps, in modern terms, in addition to affordable prices, the advantages of TN-displays no. The viewing angle is poor, the color is modest, and the contrast is poor.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – TN дисплей

IPS-matrix is a leader among tablets of different categories. Technology IPS boasts high-quality color reproduction, saturated images and offers viewing angles up to 180°. Tablets with such a screen are presented in different price categories – from the cheapest to the top models.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – IPS дисплейFinally, AMOLED displays. Matrix AMOLED have incredible contrast and a strong argument against IPS transmission, deep black. The difference lies in the structure of the matrices: if the IPS usually has a backlight the entire area of the display, the AMOLED, each pixel is “working” on their own, regardless of the next.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – AMOLED дисплейBy the way, at the time Samsung launched the technology Super AMOLED, which exclusive uses in its mobile devices. The opinion that the development of the AMOLED is also owned South Korean brand, mistakenly, though the pilot launch of a new display technology was first implemented on the device Samsung.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Super AMOLED дисплей

Operating system

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Операционные системыFor anybody not a secret that the tablet can work under the guidance of one or two of the three most popular operating systems. By the way, for many users when choosing a new gadget OSes is a high priority.

To judge about which OS is better than the others, at least unwise – they are significantly different from each other and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет на столеOS Android. If we are talking about a system that is used in most modern tablets, it certainly Android. Operating system devices involved in a wide price and coverage is considered the most democratic. A feature of this OS is the flexibility and continuous improvement, to whom Google pays close attention.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшеты на AndroidNew applications and services are multiplying every day, more and more expanding the capabilities of the device. And with it – and the user experience. Android devices perfectly tuned for multimedia and Internet surfing, but the format of the tablet-transformer allow quite to work productively. Although, if to speak about the budget models, the wonders of performance in them should not wait.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Lenovo планшет на AndroidWindows. Microsoft operating system is familiar to many “adult”machines – laptops and PC. Venture to suggest that probably every reader of this article at least once in a lifetime encounter with this OS. Windows tablets in most cases be equipped with a full keyboard, but transformery form factor allows to use them as a tablet and as a laptop, and as a multimedia gadget.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет на WindowsTablets are often preloaded with Windows users choose to work and study how mobile and quite productive device. Besides, they have another advantage – a relatively low cost you can buy a mini-computer. However, to expect that the hybrid tablet will replace a full PC, not worth it. Of course, if you don’t want to pay him a tidy sum.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Windows-планшетiOS is the brainchild of the digital monster Apple, which calls its tablet “iPad”. Features tablets on iOS it is difficult to call an ordinary – they are equipped with sufficiently powerful hardware, work smartly and handle even with demanding games at maximum vykruchennyh settings.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет на iOSBut in all this splendor, there is one significant counter-argument – refer to the Apple gadgets, a certain image and, accordingly, the cost seems quite affordable. However, real gamers will hardly change the power of the iPad to more modest.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – iPadIt is worth noting one caveat. Choosing an iOS tablet, the user can select, in General, only the volume of the internal storage, RAM and the presence of the slot under the SIM card. With all other characteristics (regardless of whether like them or not) will have to accept.


Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – ПроизводительностьIt’s true that porridge oil will not spoil. Therefore, the more powerful and more productive stuffing in the pad, the better it is? The judgment is true, but only if your budget is unlimited in scope. Otherwise better to look for a compromise between accessibility and level of performance.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет для работыIt is reasonable to define what the tablet is purchased. For the minimum program, including communication in social networks, reading books, watching videos and surfing the vast world wide web, it will be enough simple device “of the budget”.

But if you aim to use a tablet and as a gaming console, without a multi-core processor, impressive graphics card and RAM is a difficult task.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет для работыLet’s define the average frame for comfortable use any tablet.

It is known that the CPU is the “heart” of any device, and what this “muscle” is more powerful, the greater number (and quality) of the tasks it can handle. When choosing a tablet, it is better to begin with the dual-core models with clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and the RAM from 2GB. Today is the bare minimum that will provide good communication and work.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Игровой планшетAn important parameter is the autonomy. There is certainly no limit to perfection — the higher the battery capacity, the longer it will be possible not to depend on outlets. Although, if the tablet will be mostly used at home, small battery capacity is not so terrible. But for frequent travel and travel is better if this figure will be higher. For example, for Android tablets it makes sense to choose a battery of 4000 mAh.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – АвтономностьNow a few words about wireless interfaces. Most tablets have a built-in Wi-Fi module by default, and the availability of Bluetooth, GPS and 3G/4G – it depends on the model and the need for them.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – GPSBluetooth need to transfer data between the device and the wireless headset, keyboard, and other accessories. GPS will provide convenient maps from determining your location to paving the best route, which is ideal for unfamiliar locations. 3G and 4G will not depend on Wi-Fi-points and always have the Internet at your fingertips.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет с клавиатуройBefore buying it is important to determine the relevance of additional opportunities for themselves. Do I need a device with “full stuffing”, if you know exactly what will work mostly from home and almost nothing but Wi-Fi not required?


Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – ПамятьThe amount of internal storage also is important, this will depend on the usability of the tablet. The more memory, the more information can be stored on the device without resorting to external drives.

Most tablets have from 8 to 32 GB of flash memory. The device with the volume quite comfortably allow you to keep important content and not much hit on the wallet.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет в рукахHowever, if you plan to boot your tablet large number of media files (for example, “heavy” games or movies in high quality), may not be enough. You can immediately buy a model with memory of 64 GB, but the cost will certainly be higher.

Alternatively, you can expand storage with cards microSD, but in this case, the tablet needs to have the appropriate slot. For example, iPad does not support the extension capacity of internal memory will have to be content with what we have. Although the lack of flash in iOS devices in most cases can’t complain.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет с наушниками


Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшет для отдыхаSo, what you should start with the selection of a new mobile device? The first is to understand the purposes for which it was purchased. Do I need to buy a tablet “all inclusive” when the tasks with which he will have for the most part to handle, include only surf, chat, email and viewing streaming video?

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – iPad в рукахBased on this you can choose the best operating system and a set of necessary for the operation parameters and characteristics.

However, there are a few things that we decided to leave “for a snack.” Fundamental will not name them, but their presence or absence may to some extent influence the choice of the final model.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Планшеты на столеDiagonal. The goal was defined? And the conditions in which the tablet will be used? For work on the go and frequent trips it is more convenient to use a compact model from 7 to 9.7 inches. For more stationary applications it is urgent to choose the tablets more: from 10 to 12.9 inches. Big brothers and readability is better (the screen can hold more information), and live to see them more comfortable. By the way, devices with larger diagonal are often already with the dock included, making them look like small laptops.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Диагональ

Support SIM cards and the ability to call. This feature brings the tablet to the smartphone-overgrown, but with one amendment – with high probability for calls you’ll have to use a headset. Decide for yourself whether you need another text or to make calls to the old fashioned way to use the phone.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Звонки с планшетаThe availability and quality of cameras. Almost all tablets have initially web camera for video communication. But as for the main camera, they are equipped not all models. In General, it is reasonable: the tablet is hard to call an ideal tool for photography, so the camera they put for the most part modest – a rare “bird” passes for 5 MP. In tablets the number of megapixels is not critical – to the spectacular images it is still unlikely to succeed, therefore, the choice of gadget is best not to rely on the quality of the cameras.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – КамераCase material. This option is purely personal and work device is not affected. All users can be divided into two camps: the first are followers of the metal (the case looks solid and very stylish), the second do not have anything against plastic, especially because the modern plastic housings often have a pleasant texture and are highly reliable. What to prefer – a matter of taste, but the starting price for the tablet with metal housing higher than on plastic.

Как выбрать планшет советы экспертов – Пластиковый корпус

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