564 How to choose a yogurt maker: the hosts note
How to choose a yogurt maker: the hosts note

How to choose a yogurt maker: the hosts note

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Buying yogurt in the store, we believe that regularly consuming this fermented milk product is healthier to your body and normalize metabolism. This is partly true, because yogurt contains a lot of beneficial to our digestion system lactic acid bacteria. However, if you pay attention to the yogurt bought at the store, unfortunately we will see that it contains not all natural ingredients: no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, etc.

After studying the composition of store-bought yogurt makes you wonder about that, but does such a product have any real benefits? That is when many people begin to think about how to prepare yogurt at home. For this we need a yogurt maker – a device consisting of a small rectangular or round container with a transparent lid and thick walls. The main objective of the yogurt maker is to maintain an optimal temperature for a certain period of time, due to the fermentation of boiled milk.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку - йогуртPower

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку - мощностьSuch a device, like a yogurt maker, created in order to perform the function of maintaining the correct temperature of around 40-45 degrees for several hours. Large capacity it does not need. The power of yogurt makers can range from 8 to 450 Watt, but no matter how powerful will have such a device, it is equally well cope with the task of ripening milk. The difference is only in amount of electricity consumed, which in any case would be minimal.

Material containers of yogurt and a number of jars

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – баночки для йогурницыPerhaps the most important in selecting a yogurt maker is the material containers of yogurt and a number of jars. There is a huge selection of various models with one big bowl volume 0.8 to 1.5 liters, or noisy, stocked with small bottles of 6 to 8 pieces 150-200g.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – баночки для йогурницы(1)The capacity in which You will pour the milk, whether small jars or one large vessel, usually made of plastic or glass. Although manufacturers say that the plastic is completely harmless and is specially designed for the food industry, glass is more hygienic material. If you have small children, prefer the yogurt maker with the glass containers. If necessary, You will always be able to boil, why not do it with plastic bottles.

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Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – йогурт для детейMore popular and functional considered noisy, with several jars. Their convenience lies in the fact that the unused cups with yogurt You can always close the lid, and store in the fridge and also cook several yogurts with different fillings.

Control type

The yogurt maker are divided into two types: mechanical and electronic control. Mechanical devices equipped with a timer, or a button with two positions – on and off.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – тип управленияThe time of making yogurt in these yogurt makers usually varies from 4 to 10 hours. The rotary timer is easier to use, because it allows you to more accurately set the cooking time useful product. Choosing a different number of hours, You can regulate the consistency of yogurt, which can be more liquid or more dense, because the longer the yogurt is warm, so in the end it will be thicker.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – консистенция йогурта(1)

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – консистенция йогуртаThe yogurt maker with electronic controls have a higher price in comparison with similar mechanical appliances.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – тип управленияOn the one hand, whatever type of control mechanism were not present in the yogurt maker, in any case, the final product turns out the same. On the other hand, the producers have taken care to ensure that the price is fully justified purchased the device, equipping an electronic yogurtnitsy very convenient additional features, including: automatic shutdown, temperature sensor, proper preparation of dairy products, technology of steam treatment, notification sound, a flashing light, and many others.

In the thrall of technology

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – секреты приготовления Technology does not stand still and in confirmation of this this, at first glance a simple technique on how noisy, is becoming a new and useful additional “features”. In addition to the fermentation of dairy products, the yogurt maker can have a large number of other interesting features:

  1. Every woman must have faced a situation when distracted by something or someone and lose track of time. Automatic shut-off of the yogurt maker – it is a feature that allows you not to worry that the product will be damaged if You forget to turn off the device.
  2. The possibility to label the jars with the yogurt, not to forget the date of preparation of the product.
  3. The yogurt maker is used every day, and keep it more often than not on the kitchen work surface, and in the closet. Compartment for cord storage is another little thing that can save the equipment, occupying a minimum of space.
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Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – секреты приготовления(1)Secrets that simplify cooking and make the final product even tastier and healthier:

  1. If the milk is not store-bought and home before you put it in the yogurt maker, be sure to boil it. It will be several hours at a temperature of 40-45 degrees, and is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
  2. Like yogurt fresh fruit, granola or chocolate? – that’s great, but in this case, you need to know one important rule! In any case, do not add these products before the yeast is not yet ready dairy product. It is important to know that fresh fruit cause fermentation, resulting in the technology of fermentation of the milk product will be broken. The safest way to spice up ready-made yogurt, syrup, nuts, jams, chocolate, fresh fruit, dried fruit, jam and biscuits, or add it all at the last moment, before actual use.
  3. The fat content of the finished yogurt will depend on the fat content of milk that You used to prepare. Therefore, in order for the product is low in calories and no fat, use milk with low fat content.
  4. To make the yogurt sweet taste do not have to add sugar. Much more benefit You will receive in case, if you use natural sweeteners ( honey, syrups etc.)
  5. In order for a cooked yogurt had the right consistency is very important during operation, do not shake and do not move the yogurt maker, but rather to observe full calmness of the device.
  6. After the fermentation process is completed, the yogurt should be placed in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Thus You will get more dense and delicate texture of fermented milk product and prolong its shelf life while maintaining live bacteria.
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A rating of manufacturers

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – рейтингShop allo.ua the yogurt maker is presented in wide assortment. You will find a yogurt maker from different manufacturers that also make and other appliances for the kitchen. Among the manufacturers of such devices have as the brands and less known brands.

A rating of manufacturers of yogurt makers:

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – рейтинг TefalTefal

  1. A recognized market leader and the benchmark for all the models of yogurt makers is the company Philips. In order to use the yogurt makers of this manufacturer be comfortable, the company accounted for virtually all of the details and nuances.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – рейтинг MoulinexMoulinex

  1. Quite often buyers make a choice in favor of Moulinex yogurt makers, since these devices combine the excellent quality and reasonable price.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – рейтинг Saturn

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – рейтинг Vinis

Saturn, Vinis

  1. If your budget for buying a yogurt maker is limited, pay attention to models from brands Saturn and Vinis. They have the low price and excellent job fermentation of dairy products, which has earned national recognition.

Как выбрать йогуртницу хозяйкам на заметку – полезный йогуртThe results

If You are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, and you for some reason, yet noisy, should think about how to quickly acquire such a useful device.

Homemade yogurt is much tastier, healthier, and more importantly, it turns out much cheaper than store-bought counterparts. Depending on the model of yogurt maker, the yogurt, You will also be able to prepare a delicious cheese, yogurt, sour cream, chocolate desserts, creme brulee and even pudding!

When choosing a yogurt maker, pay attention to the material containers for yogurt, number of branches and their volume, and also be sure to check out additional features of the device, to understand which features are relevant to you and which are not. Given all the above, now You would be able to choose the yogurt maker that best meet your needs.


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