1257 How to choose freezer: expert opinion
How to choose freezer: expert opinion

How to choose freezer: expert opinion

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The freezer has so entered our everyday life that many Housewives simply do not imagine my kitchen without this technique. There’s a logical explanation, because the freezer makes it impossible, to reach which it is impossible neither in the cellar nor in the “freezer” of a refrigerator.

Freezer allows you all winter to store frozen fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and more. When choosing a freezer you need to pay attention to some nuances about which we will tell you in this article.

Useful volume

Как выбрать морозильную камеру экспертное мнение – полезный объемThe first thing to do when choosing a freezer is to determine the amount of frozen products You will be storing. The modern model of refrigerator chambers have a volume from 100 to 500 liters.

If you have a small family of 3-4 people, and You plan to store in the freezer for winter preparation, as well as fish or meat products, you will approach the camera with a capacity of up to 250 litres. If you have many children, and there is a large suburban area, the harvest of which You plan to store in the camera, we recommend you to pay attention to the more spacious models.

The defrosting system

Как выбрать морозильную камеру экспертное мнение – система разморозкиA very important aspect when choosing a freezer is the method of defrost. In the low-cost camera modules is most common manual defrost: 1-2 times a year You turn the camera off, removed from it all the products are, and wait until the ice melts. After that You wash the freezer dezinficiruy it, wipe dry, and put everything that she got back.

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Much easier to use the freezer with No-Frost. The technology is also used in refrigerators, and does not form inside the chamber, a layer of ice. From time to time the camera turns on a small heater, which leads to melting of the formed ice and the water flows down in special capacity of the evaporator.

Keep in mind that even if your freezer is equipped with No-Frost, recommended at least once a year to wash and disinfect it.

In the thrall of technology

Как выбрать морозильную камеру экспертное мнение – в плену у технологийIn modern models of freezers to meet a variety of additional functions:

Mode “Superzamorozki”

This mode allows you to almost instantly freeze products through the use of the compressor of the freezer at maximum capacity.

The function “AutoSave cold”

For the preservation of the cold in some modules freezers meet the so-called “cold accumulators” that looks like a plastic containers. Inside these containers there is a special fluid that is cooled slowly, for a long time, keeping a stable temperature inside the chamber. In the absence of power supply have this feature freezer is able to keep chill up to 2 days.

Protect your device from power surges in the mains

This feature protects the freezer from damage and ensures its safety.

Antibacterial coating and a carbon filter to clean the air of These elements dramatically reduce the amount of wrapping in the air of bacteria, thus reducing the risk of food spoilage.

A light or audible alarm, the door is open

This function informs the owner that an open door can lead to violation of the temperature mode of the freezer.

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Climate class

Currently, the sale of models available freezer class SN, N, ST and T. Models the first two classes are designed for countries with temperate climate, and ensure the smooth operation of the cells at room temperature up to 32 degrees Celsius. Model of class ST and T are recommended for a more hot climate, and can work in areas with temperatures up to 43 degrees.

Control type

It provides two types of freezers by type of management. Device with mechanical control are considered more reliable, while the freezer with electronic controls let you fine-tune mode.

The results

Now You know how to choose the freezer. In order not to be mistaken in his choice, decide the volume of the chamber, defrosting system and also pay attention to additional functions. If You carefully examine the range of freezers, and check out all their functions, You can choose the model that will fully satisfy your needs and will serve you not one year.

View detailed information and to purchase a freezer.

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