569 How to choose vacuum cleaner for home: the secrets of a successful purchase
How to choose vacuum cleaner for home: the secrets of a successful purchase

How to choose vacuum cleaner for home: the secrets of a successful purchase

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A clean house is key to not only comfort but also health. To keep clean, you should regularly, and the best assistant in this case may be a vacuum cleaner.

Nowadays the shops provide a huge selection of vacuum cleaners which differ in type, design, capacity, and so on.

How to avoid mistakes in all this abundance of models and to choose the vacuum cleaner that will meet all your requirements? You’ll learn in our article.

The question and types

According to the method of cleaning there are several types of vacuum cleaners: dry cleaning, detergents for wet cleaning, as well as robotic vacuum cleaners.

The most common are vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. They are the most simple in its design and is quite compact, so it won’t interfere even in a small room. Such a vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning carpets made of natural materials, parquet floor, and other surfaces, when moisture content is unacceptable.

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Vacuum cleaners significantly extend the capabilities of cleaning, and can operate in dry mode and in the mode of dispersion and (or) absorption of moisture. Thus, these vacuum cleaners easily cope with cleaning floors, rugs, and can clear the sofa from spilled fluid.

By cons cleaning vacuums include quite a lot of weight, relatively high costs and the complexity of the design.

However, such a device can be a justified purchase, because this type of cleaner will allow you to implement in your home a huge number of different tasks.

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Another increasingly popular type of vacuum cleaners are the so-called robot vacuum cleaners.

These devices have the obvious advantage – the possibility of cleaning without direct human intervention. They are able to move independently around the room, tracking and avoiding obstacles.

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Disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaners are a fairly high price, as well as the possibility of using only in homes and apartments with a flat floor.

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Priority setting — capacity

Как выбрать пылесос для дома. секреты удачной покупки - мощность всасыванияSuction power is one of the most important settings that you should pay attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner. However, it is worth considering that the higher the power, the more noisy will be cleaner, therefore, the selection of this parameter is to know the measure.

Models of vacuum cleaners with suction power of 300 watts suitable for cleaning linoleum, parquet and carpet with a short NAP. They are also often used in cleaning clothes and furniture.

Vacuum cleaner with suction power above 300 W to choose, if you have a large apartment, which is fast enough and heavily contaminated. Typically, these vacuum cleaners possess the function of switching power, so You will always be able to choose the appropriate operation mode.

Filtration system

By design, vacuum cleaners are divided into three basic types: bags-dust collectors, aquafilters and without bags, containers or cyclone.

Vacuum cleaners with bags – it is the most available models of vacuum cleaners. The undoubted advantage of such devices is the ease of use and care. In such vacuum cleaners it is easy to change filters and dust collectors, and is not required to perform any additional manipulation before cleaning or after.

The weak point of the classic vacuum cleaner is the bag itself. Periodically it must be cleaned or changed, which is not always hygienic. In addition, as clogging of the bag in such vacuum drops suction power.

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Vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter was originally developed for cleaning hospitals and laboratories, because it allows to efficiently clean the air by the water. The manufacturers subsequently altered these vacuum cleaners for domestic use.As a result, the vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering was significantly reduced in size, which is not the best way affected the filtration and ease of use.

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The most modern and high-quality are the water separator type filters. They keep well in water waste, cleaning and humidifying the air. However, these advantages are at the same time a disadvantage, as the accumulated organic debris creates ideal conditions for the emergence of bacteria and fungus.

In this respect, after each use a thorough cleaning of all parts of vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter, which usually takes a lot of time.

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Container or cyclone vacuum cleaners are no bags dust bags. They are able to efficiently clean the air from dust, the suction power does not depend on the filling of the container.

The disadvantage of such vacuum cleaners is that they are not always well cleaned the room from small debris, and is quite noisy during operation. After each harvest there is a need of cleaning of all filters and parts, which have to deal directly with the collected debris and dust.

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The task of filters is to clean the outside of the cleaner air from dust and debris. Filters are present in all types of vacuum cleaners, and can be: paper, water, plastic, mining, etc.

Typically, vacuum cleaners used two filters. One of them is responsible for filtering the air directly in front of the motor, while the outlet of the cleaner installs fine filters, whose task is to maintain the particulate size of the order of 0.3 microns.For this purpose, the so-called S-filters and higher quality HEPA filters.

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Both types of filters is designed for a long service life (from six months to several years). HEPA filters are divided into four classes, but only two of them (H12 and H13) are superior to the S-filters. In turn, the first in the majority of cases support the treatment, and simply wash with soapy water.

The power of innovation

Как выбрать пылесос для дома. секреты удачной покупки – мощь инновацийVacuum cleaners are devices that are primarily designed to collect dust, but can perform additional functions.

Air purification. The availability of this function will be very useful for Allergy sufferers, because in addition to their main tasks the cleaner will carry out still and air filtration.

Hydration, ionization and aromatization of air. These options are available only to vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter.

The function extract. Some models of vacuum cleaners equipped with a special nozzle that allows you to beat carpets, mattresses and furniture from dust.

Surface treatment steam. There are models of vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning, are equipped with steam generators that are better able to clean heavily soiled surface.

A rating of manufacturers

The highest quality are models of cleaner production LG, Philips, Samsung, Electrolux, Bosch, Thomas, LG, Akira, Moulinex, Panasonic, and others.

Vacuum cleaners from Thomas are of proven quality and reliability, but the level of quality of the air purification leaders are the device Electrolux.

The results

Today from a variety of vacuum cleaners household appliances stores dazzled. When choosing, we recommend first pay attention to the efficiency of cleaning (the suction power of the filtration system and type of dust), functionality, and usability.

By staying on a few that meet your requirements options to select the desired model of vacuum cleaner will be much easier.

View detailed information and to purchase a vacuum cleaner.

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