6584 How to get free extra 32 GB on "Yandex.Disk"
How to get free extra 32 GB on “Yandex.Disk”

How to get free extra 32 GB on “Yandex.Disk”

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Eugene Lubnicki


How to get free extra 32 GB on “Yandex.Disk”

Every user of cloud storage “Yandex.Disk” can get 32GB of extra space.

In order to do this, you just need to download the mobile application for Android, iOS, or Windows 10 Mobile and activate it auto upload photos.

Как бесплатно получить дополнительные 32 GB на «Яндекс.Диске» -If the service You use for a long time, you can get a gift. If the auto load feature in your mobile app is already enabled, You’ll get your 32 GB as soon as I upload a new batch of photos to the cloud.

Cloud storage systems greatly facilitate our lives. Now there’s no need to mess with flash drives and external drives to create backup archive.

Activating the autorun function, You will make sure that all your photos will be in the background to go to the “Yandex.CD”. Even if you break or lose your mobile device, with the images nothing happens.

The promotion is valid from 3 April to 3 July inclusive.

Download the app “Yandex.Disc” for Android:

qr-code - «Яндекс.Диск» для AndroidDownload the app “Yandex.CD” for iOS:

qr-code - «Яндекс.Диск» для iOSDownload the app “Yandex.CD” for Windows 10 Mobile:

qr-code - «Яндекс.Диск» для Windows 10 Mobile

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