8603 How to link in the VC all the joy, fun

How to link in the VC all the joy, fun

Как сделать ссылку в ВК всем на радость, себе на потеху

Each user of social network Vkontakte probably noticed in the posts or comments, texts or smileys, in which was hidden a link to a group, public or on the page of the person. You only click on the text or the smiley face, and you will find yourself on the community page or person. If you have your own group, it is a very useful tool to promote community, besides it is absolutely free. In fact, this is done very simply. Intrigued? Then read on!

How to insert a link in the VC

Actually, to add such a link, you need to master the simple tricks, even the child – copy and paste.

The word as a link Vkontakte

So, to make the link look like the word need anywhere in your post, message or comment to insert a specific code that contain id references. Code looks like this:

  • For pages users (people) – @id***. Under stars, we mean the id page.
  • For communities it is necessary to use similar code – @club***. Again, the asterisk is the address of the community (it can be seen in the address bar when you open the community page).

Some administrators group or users use not id, and the page address (knowing people change their default id to invented by them, thanks to this article). This also applies to user pages. In this case, you can either use the digits of the id or the url of the page to choose from. It looks like this: @bestgroupvk.

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Now, to have the link displayed, you need to refresh the page. In the end, you will receive a text containing a link to your group or the public.

kak v vk giperssylka.png
Here’s how to link to the Facebook group

As a reference VK to make a smiley face

Many users have noticed emoticons, which hides the link – no strength to resist and not click them. To link to a smiley face is quite simple, everything is on the same principle as the link text. To make a link to the smiley, you need to the same combination as above without spaces to attribute the smiley in parentheses. Total, you enter: @club***(insert smiley), where the asterisks – the community or user id. From now on, any user should only click on the smiley and it will end up on the page your reference. Links can only be done on the community page or the user page on any other site (except the VC) to make the link impossible.

How to make hashtag in the VC

Not less frequently than links to users social networking Dating hashtags, which will also help to promote the record or the community. Hashtag: a hashtag is essentially the same link, but put it with the pound symbol #.

To make a hashtag before the keyword (no space!) to put the symbol #. After recording a keyword, before you put the grille will become a link. If we go on the link, you will see the ribbon all the entries with that tag. If you want to hashtag to write a few words, then writing them is either together or separate the words with underscores.

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Why to use a hashtag

How to put a hashtag in Facebook, we already know, but what’s it used for? Typically, hashtags are used for quick and convenient navigation in a social network, they are also used to promote products or services.

Often hashtags are used:

  • On your personal page (under “What’s new with you?”);
  • In group (column “Write message”);
  • In public (if you are an administrator).

Record search by hashtag

On the hashtag you can search the news and write relevant topics. This is done very simply. First, you need to click on the top menu social network “Community”, then go to “news”. In graph search you need to enter the hashtag, and you will see all entries with that hashtag.

If you are promoting a group by using hashtags, you should not abuse them. The optimal number of hashtags to record – 4 hashtag, it is worth to mention the name of the city, groups, and keywords records.

Now you know some of the secrets of the team’s progress, namely, how to put hashtags and links. And about other ways to promote his creation, read here.

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