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How to protect against ransomware

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How to protect against ransomware

In recent time, users are increasingly faced with ransomware. Experts predict that this year with their help cyber criminals can earn up to $ 5 billion.

Recently, the company Acronis, dedicated to the protection and storage of data, conducted a study which identified the key threats 2017.

The majority of survey participants admitted that they had not heard anything about this ransom malware, however, believe such personal data like photos, documents, videos, music and so on is very valuable. Restoration of such data after an attack of this malicious software can cost a decent amount — more than $ 500.

Как защититься от программ-вымогателей The study revealed that over a quarter of users never do backups, and more than 34% said they had lost personal data.

Как защититься от программ-вымогателей Ransomware work is quite simple. Getting on the device, they encrypt user data, and then require to pay the ransom.

It is worth noting that recently the attackers are attacking not only large companies or government agencies, but ordinary people.

As an example, consider a program block Osiris. This Trojan easily bypasses Windows Defender, attacks, data backup and refuses to run in a virtual environment.

In early 2017, Osiris has infected the computers of the police Department, the American city of Cockrell hill, which led to the loss of data on criminal cases (evidence, photos, videos) for the last eight years. Despite the fact that Department computers were protected by antivirus software, it failed to prevent irretrievable loss of information.

Soon the epidemic ransomware will grow exponentially. Increase the number of distributors of ransomware.

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One of the principles of operation of the virus is copying the model of SaaS (software as a service), which involved a huge number of small distributors. The only goal of the distributors is an infestation of the target computers. To do that, don’t need any special technical knowledge. Enough to have your computer and be prepared to break the law.

The most common type of attacks will remain different schemes phishing scams, but they will become even more personalized and effective. Instead blockers ransomware will be more likely to use sifrovani.

There will be new methods of pressure on victims. Attackers will increase the size of the ransom and delete all files as long as the user does not pay. In case of refusal to pay ransom, ransomware can threaten users of the dissemination and publication of their confidential and compromising data.

The new version of the malicious software will be able to work in the clouds and begin to attack, including cloud storage.

What to do in this situation? The rules, as before, is simple:

  1. Create backups of your data.

Choose the software for backup with local and cloud storage, with active protection against ransomware.

  1. Regularly update operating system and software.

Because of this You will protect your computer from known vulnerabilities.

  1. Do not open suspicious emails, links and apps.

Malware penetrates into the system at precisely the moment when users open infected email attachments or click on links leading to malicious sites.

On that computer, install powerful antivirus software and be sure to activate automatic updates.

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