HTC U11 Plus was developed for Google

Resource the Verge, citing its own trusted source says that presented this week HTC U11 Plus should have been released under another name and brand. Some may remember that Google originally planned to release three new smartphones this year: Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen. But at some point, the search giant refused from the model Muskie or Pixel XL of the second generation. It turned out, was the new flagship from HTC.

HTC U11 PlusFrom left to right: Google Pixel 2, HTC Plus and HTC U11 U11

In the latest update, Android source code, released this week, there is a renewed mention of the smartphone Muskie. In the code it was stated that the device manufacturer is HTC, it uses the same pixel density as the Pixel 2 XL, and a high capacity battery. All this perfectly fits the description of a new U11 Plus. Also this is the first HTC smartphone for many years with the fingerprint scanner on the back side.

It is unknown why Google refused to release Pixel 2 XL production in favor of the HTC smartphone from LG. Perhaps it would avoid many problems.


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