Worse racists and Kevin spacey: why everyone hates Star Wars Battlefront II?

One of the most ambitious projects 2017 — Star Wars Battlefront II — opens to the public only on November 17. However, the long-awaited shooter has managed to become not only a disappointment for gamers, but the sheer headache for the publisher in the face of the famous company Electronic Arts. The scandals, the threats of failed expectations and multiple-record — day-by-day list of sins and failures is growing. How did this happen? Why is the new brainchild of EA has managed to become a laughingstock? In search of answers will wind the clock back a little bit ago.

11 Jun 2013 — 17 Nov 2015

A great day for fans of space operas: it was then that the announcement of Star Wars Battlefront — restart of the cult series of multiplayer shooters on the universe of “Star wars.” Fans of the classics in ecstasy: still, the return of good old series from masters of the genre (represented by DICE, creators of Battlefield cycle) and even with a new, prettier graphics. However, published one and a half years Battlefront has disappointed almost everyone. And that’s an understatement: the game is cost-prohibitive ($60 for the basic version, 50 bucks for a season pass with DLC), and content in it — enough to swear. Even the single-player campaign left behind, focusing on a good, but controversial multiplayer. As a result, critics took action quite restrained, and the gamers — not cool. Even Hollywood actor John Boyega (who plays Finn), and he could not refrain from criticism. It was urgent to change something.

Как разозлить геймеров: летопись ошибок Star Wars Battlefron

15 APR 2017

Making a sequel EA have decided to go with the utmost seriousness. The development was carried out under the conditional slogan “don’t worry, we’ll fix everything“. The sequel promised to be a global “mistakes”: the publisher and several studios (now not only DICE, but EA Motive and Criterion) has assured the public that Oh, this time they listened to the angry fans. Complained that little card? They will be more! Complained about the lack of single player campaign? Everything will be! Little equipment? And now the dam! Madden DLC? Remove! Few months, gamers were treated to a beautiful trailer and countless promises that Battlefront II will be released just Grand. And many believed. There were no signs of trouble. And then autumn came…

4-9 October 2017

The most important step for any multiplayer action: beta-test. The first game was given to those who pre-ordered, they were given to try something new 4 Oct. Two days later Battlefront II “feel” and the rest of the gamers. Like EA and DICE actually fulfilled most of the promises. The balance was better, characters more. However, the players could not help but notice one curious feature of the novelties, namely, non-trivial system of progression. It turned out that all of it is tied to loudboxer, discovering that users get the so-called “star map” is required for pumping resources. To buy containers either for in-game currency (issued for the victory in the games) or for real money. The same loans were to buy the famous characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Gamers noted that because such systems “paysite” had a big advantage, especially in the early stages. Yes, they can catch up with conventional ways, but it was difficult and long. Resentment grew and turned into quite a scandal.

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Как разозлить геймеров: летопись ошибок Star Wars Battlefron

10 Oct 2017

Claims expressed not only by ordinary users. The EA approach was criticized by the representatives of reputable gaming press, including the popular videoblogger. Loudly expressed their dissatisfaction known for the vast contactmaker YouTube John Totalbiscuit Bain, compare the leveling system in Battlefront II with gambling. He resented not so much the very existence of paid luchboxes in a shooter, but the fact that their contents are randomly generated. Simply put, a gamer can easily give money for what in the end will be useless for him. Bane even called the rating Agency ESRB to intervene and to take measures against such practices, but the company (and later other, more powerful instance) did not consider that it can be equated to gambling. The crusade failed. But the sediment remained.

31 Oct 2017

Do not think that Electronic Arts has ignored the rising sensation: on the contrary. On the eve of Halloween is to scare the community, the publisher has decided to please him, weakening the impact of microtransactions on the game balance. With the next update Battlefront II luchboxer ceased to appear the strongest of the “star cards” — now they could only craft, reaching a certain level. Of course, this move was EA gamers like: he looked like a real gesture of good will, expressing genuine attention to the requests of the community. The publisher said that now the winner will be not the only one who puts the shooter real money, but one who is willing to pass all the tests to put in the game time and effort. Then nobody could and think that a couple of weeks later, this promise will be treated as a real mockery.

Как разозлить геймеров: летопись ошибок Star Wars Battlefron

12 Nov 2017

The irony is that the company wasn’t lying. In multiplayer you really have to invest a lot: a couple of days of pure playing time, to put it slightly more accurately. To reach Battlefront II Reddit users have calculated that in order to play as Darth Vader, whose cost in-game currency amounted to 60 thousand credits, the user will have to “inject” into the game about 35-40 hours (240 matches with awards of 250 credits). It turned out, promises EA — almost a bad joke. Indeed, ordinary users in theory can get all the same as “paysite” — if they are not too lazy to hold the Blaster a couple of months or years. The incident became the starting point of the next wave of outrage, the end-edge which is not seen.

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The reaction of the publisher was not long to wait. In response to criticism of the company’s representatives immediately tried to defuse the situation, saying that everything is going according to plan: this approach was elected in order to give gamers a “feeling of true achievement“. This response is not difficult to guess, not found response in the hearts of users. Moreover, a crafty explanation so enraged gamers that EA’s original post on Reddit has received the greatest number of the minuses for the entire existence of the resource — more than 670 thousand negative comments per day. For comparison: even the posts of a racist nature never scored more than 30 thousand cons.

Как разозлить геймеров: летопись ошибок Star Wars Battlefron

On the same day, one of our employees has publicly declared that what is happening is nothing more than the antics of “diva designers“, and all the hatred directed at the game and its creators — another “youth trend”. He felt that the publishing house is attacked because it is at the hearing, and to criticize it is “fashionable”. The course, as practice has shown, unsuccessful. After his statement, the company started to curse even stronger, now already for the work with clients. The original tweet is already deleted.

13 Nov 2017

The Titan fell, but not quite. EA on a pair with the DICE went against furious players: reduced cost of heroes four times. Vader, for example, “fell” up to 15 thousand credits. About the rest nothing to say Princess Leia and Chewbacca now you can take your team for 10K, and the main character Battlefront II Eden Versio is only 5. It would seem, incident is settled, “we won”. But EA screwed up here. Reducing the cost of heroes, the game creators have reduced rewards for completing the single player campaign. If before she was given 20 thousand credits, now a pitiful 5. Explained by the fact that the idea is raised for the passage of a single loans should have been sufficient only for the purchase of Eden, and the girl suddenly became cheaper — it is logical that fell award for the campaign. It is difficult to argue — indeed logical.

Как разозлить геймеров: летопись ошибок Star Wars Battlefron

Here are just angry gamers this move is not particularly reassured. If the calculation were to access Versio — why not just give a box of heroine? Why the unnecessary movements with the currency? The answer is no. In addition, users found a new feature of arcade mode — day limit to get the credits — and the situation finally got out of control. Already not the best reputation of the new Star Wars and its authors in the eyes of the gaming community continued to fall. Battlefront II was a real “whipping boy” — angry gamers began to criticize the action even more than he deserved. Users no longer have to focus to notice its advantages (image, sound, references to the classic trilogy), concentrating exclusively on the faults and hatred of EA. Even worse, many are not quite adequate personalities even began to threaten employees with physical harm (which attracted the attention of their colleagues, instantly defended DICE and Electronic Arts).

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14 Nov 2017

Naturally, all these factors could not affect the estimated trends. After opening its page on Metacritic and the first reviews from professional publications (by the way, appreciated the brainchild of DICE, Motive and Criterion very well), user rating action has fallen “below a plinth”. In just a few hours Battlefront II was the most nizkotsenovom AAA-project in the history of version gamersreceived 0.6 points. Over time, the figure rose to 0.7 points, then to 1.1, in the evening stay by 1.2. But much of it didn’t help. And what, the final? Alas.

Как разозлить геймеров: летопись ошибок Star Wars Battlefron

By mid-day, the Internet appeared information about the fact that whether by mistake, whether the panic attack EA withdrew from the service of online distribution Origin the ability to request a refund on the media game. The news triggered another wave of outrage and even panic among had time to buy and be disappointed in shooter gamers. For explanations we addressed to Ruslan Patkina, Manager of public relations for Electronic Arts Russia. The representative of EA said that “the company usually does not comment“. After some time it became clear that this is only a “duck” and the whole situation was born out of misunderstandings. But revealing something else: how quickly the community jumped on the EA with another charges. Anything good from this company (and Battlefront) can not wait.

The scandals have done their job — a marketing nightmare called Star Wars Battlefront II is now considered one of the most hated games of the last months and even years. At least, the impression is created, if you read the forums. If this is true? Of course not.

Как разозлить геймеров: летопись ошибок Star Wars Battlefron

Because DICE and EA have really kept the oath: turned still damp Battlefront in more than digestible game with a bombastic campaign and really fun multiplayer. So sad to realize that the model of distribution and in the highest degree strange attitude of the Corporation towards the consumers simply “ditched” the novelty in the approach. If things go beyond words and discontent, and gamers will decide to vote on a caustic review on Metacritic, but also the ruble — it could put an end to the future, once a truly glorious series. I really like the best, but it turned out… as always.

The author of the text: Vladimir Bychek

Source: 4pda.ru

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