“I’ll be back”: optimizing a gaming PC without any extra costs

Computer slow“. With this ominous diagnosis faced, perhaps any owner of the system unit over-current renewal platform. It would seem that yesterday the old man was pulling everything, and doing it today with a noticeable creak. But is it always blame the hardware manufacturers and count down the money for a total upgrade? Today we will talk about ways of extending the life of PCs approaching retirement age with minimal costs.

Preparing for surgery

Of course, absolutely clinical cases in the form of broken components will not be considered. As Frank necromancy like a long time mumifitsirovalis on the mezzanine of the third “Pentium”. Within reason the picture looks as follows: if, for example, with an old Athlon 64 the white haired GTX 550 for a miracle in the form of a comfortable game in the new “Wolfenstein” already count later. But for the health yet strong, but lost its vigor build like a Phenom X6/HD 7870 or Core i5-2500/GTX 760 we still wrestle. Nurse, scalpel!

Optimization software

The first step towards a “rejuvenation” of the computer: a simple but very useful procedure. Regular Windows updates often install and uninstall applications, even just daily work — all this creates a fair amount of the file “garbage”, significantly slowing down the download speed and system response.

«I'll be back»: оптимизируем игровой РС без лишних затрат

For a start — hold a clean registry, disable unnecessary startup items and remove the ballast from the temporary files that are gathering dust in the bowels of the system drive since the dawn of time. With all this easy to handle all known utility CCleaner. The result will be the acceleration of the OS and increase the speed of her response.

Between remember, do not turn off once upon a time the defragmentation service: by default, it runs automatically during system idle — Partly right and those who panacea from all troubles considers a complete reinstallation of Windows. However, with a small caveat: it is better to reinstall Windows 10. Despite much controversy, this OS version is perfectly optimized even for obsolete hardware, the longer it will remain relevant, and is gaining popularity in game DirectX 12 supports without crutches. And yet it is 95% saferthan previous versions.

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The autopsy will show

«I'll be back»: оптимизируем игровой РС без лишних затрат

Part of the software move on to iron. Will have a primary diagnosis of major components.

Hard drive

The first candidate for examination. Run it through one of the programs to the test surface: Victoria, MHDD, and so on. In case of detection of bad sectors it’s time to think about replacing the drive for a new one. Or continue to play “Russian roulette”, but then not surprised. Including the final loss of the contents of the drive. If no problem identified, and the speed of loading the operating system and applications still leaves much to be desired, the optimal solution will be the acquisition of SSD — even on a budget version of the small volume easily fits as Windows itself, and a couple of the most popular applications and toys. The performance gain will be evident.


Your next patient is in our queue. The days of assemblies “2 core, 2 gig” is long gone, but the legacy of those troubled times still eucetsa users performance on the verge of a foul. Even 4 gigabytes of RAM for today is a zone of minimal comfort, the best value will be the figure of 8 gigabytes. Look in the computer properties and see if there is a lower number urgently add a bar or two: fortunately, memory is cheap and solves a lot of problems — from increasing the number of active tabs in the browser without the freezes last up to direct the growth performance in games and other applications.

«I'll be back»: оптимизируем игровой РС без лишних затрат

Oh, and don’t forget about the portable memory — for older motherboards without USB 3.0 ports makes sense to install an inexpensive controllerthat will make working with external drives much faster. If free slots PCI-E are in short supply, it is always possible to choose a model powered by the motherboard — interface connection type “comb” has not changed for ten years, so that problems will not arise.

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Cooling system

It’s not just the usual sound operation of the system unit, but also a direct impact on the performance of your computer. Protection from overheating in modern (and even not) of iron, of course, there was throttling in most cases will not give grief to the owner to burn the CPU. But the performance noticeably reduces, if not the computer will shut off. Not to mention the annoying noise from the wear of the fan. The characteristic “slow” and increasing roar from the bowels of the system unit after a few minutes of work are anxiety symptoms and require surgical intervention.

«I'll be back»: оптимизируем игровой РС без лишних затрат

Immediately pay attention to set the system cooler. In pursuit of savings in the Assembly is often laid in excess of the budgetary system of cooling, which is barely doing its job, creating more noise than good. This is especially true of the “old regime” models that blowing air towards the motherboard. In this case, it makes sense to think about buying a cooler tower, which will noticeably improve as temperature of the CPU and the overall atmosphere inside the system unit.

If the replacement need is not expected, hold THE existing Assembly: carefully clean the grille and all the fans from dust. But without the unhealthy enthusiasm: no vacuum cleaner! Not only that, you can easily catch a static discharge from the nozzle of the appliance, and banal breakage of the fan is not excluded. Not to mention tightened into the bowels of the vacuum small parts and wires. The ideal option is a special cylinder with compressed air: quickly, efficiently, safely.

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The same method is being blown graphics card and power supply. It is important not to forget the system unit at time of treatment make it to the balcony in order to avoid local nuclear winter from the rising dust.

«I'll be back»: оптимизируем игровой РС без лишних затрат

Re-run the test. If the result is still far from ideal, it is time to replace the thermal paste — it is responsible for the removal of heat from the processor. But losing this property over time, creating the effect of a car without radiator fluid: fan is spinning, but the temperature is not falling.

Types of thermal paste in the nature quite a lot, but in the General case, any of the known brands in the medium price category will cope with the task.

Last but not least — to improve the climate inside the system unit it is recommended to install a couple extra fans on the case (as intake and exhaust). The processor is noticeably colder this becomes, but the motherboard and hard drives will sigh with relief. Unnecessary noise should not be afraid: there are many productive, but quiet models.

Happy End

«I'll be back»: оптимизируем игровой РС без лишних затрат

And finally: the hardware and software, but also on the periphery should not be forgotten. If suddenly there were setbacks, it is possible that it is not only the number of frames per second. A good gaming mouse with fast response and high sensitivity decides sometimes not less than a gigahertz of processor and graphics card.

Are you careful with your device, do not forget about prevention, and when finally the time comes to think about a new build, contact.

Lyricist: Victor Sidorov

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