I wish everything was just as Vkontakte video…

Вот бы все было просто, как ВКонтакте видео…

Social network Vkontakte has a huge multimedia library. In free access there are thousands of videos that you can view, send to your friends and download. Also implemented the ability to add to website videos.

Let us consider how to use these functions.

Let’s start simple.

 How to upload videos to VK:

  • autoresume;
  • go to “Videos”;
  • click “Add video”;
  • in the opened window the mouse the dragged file. Possible the second option: “Choose file”open Explorerselect video – “Open”button;
  • wait until loaded, optionally write a title, a description, specify who can view and comment on;
  • click “Finish”.
Как сделать видео в ВК

You can still add video from other website such as YouTube. To do this, do the following: “Video” – “Add video” “Add another site” – a string, copy a link to a video – Save.

Как ВКонтакте загрузить видео

Voila, the file appeared in our videos. Moving on. We weren’t really uploaded it to the Internet, and I want to share information with other users. What you need to do, we shall understand below.

How to throw the VC on the wall

In order to place a video on the wall, we perform the following:

  • go to the page;
  • in the field add records select “Video”;
  • looking for the right video;
  • click “Send”.
Как залить видео в ВК

How to send a video of VK in a private message

To throw the file in a personal message should be:

  • open dialogue;
  • click “Attach a video” (on the left near the line clip);
  • to select a file – “Send”.
Как в ВК скинуть видео в личку

In General, everything is quite simple. Complications can arise when you want to save your favorite videos. This will discuss and analyze three possible options.

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How to save video from VK

The first option. How to download videos from VK to your computer using programs

Popular programs for downloading video content – VKSaver and VKMusik. They can be free and easy to download from the official sites.

The installation process will consider the example VKSaver:

  • go to the website, selected “Download now”;
  • in the window that appears click “Save file”;
  • run the installation file, accept the license agreement;
  • next, the installation wizard prompts us to Close all Windows browsers – agree;
  • remove the tick (if you want to install programs and configure Yandex – Express);
  • click “Install” and “OK”.

After you run this add next to the video you can see blue button S. To save just click on it and click “Download” again.

Как скачать личное видео с ВК

BUT, if you went to the site using a secure connection, that is, in the address bar is spelled out “https”, the program will not work.

Therefore, the author of these lines prefer VKMusik – simple interface, and no failures. The principle setup of the program hardly differs from the above, that’s only after you start do the following:

1) in the main menu, select “Vkontakte”;

2) click “Change account”;

3) enter the username and password of the profile of the VC;

4) then “My videos” and choose the file;

5) click “add to download”.

Как скачать видео с ВК бесплатно

If you suddenly can’t find where the program downloaded videos, simply click on “Settings” at the top right. In the tab “General” you can see the path to the folder to save. If you click on the picture of the yellow daddy, open the Explorer and we need to be kindly highlighted.

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A variant of the second. How to download videos from Vkontakte via SaveFrom.net helper

Install helper for this:

  • find in browser menu item “Extensions”;
  • click “Add extensions”;
  • a window opens, in the search bar write “SaveFrom.net helper”;
  • select the plugin, click on the button “Add”.

Now to save the video, you can select the link to download.

The third option. How to download videos from VK without software

This method will suit those who do not wish, cannot or who are just too lazy to download programs and extensions to them. To save, do the following:

  • on your PC go to mobile version of website;
  • to open video;
  • in playback mode, click on it with the right mouse button;
  • opens sign, where to choose “Save as”;
  • Explorer named our file and specify the save location.

Now files saved on the computer, watch and enjoy☺

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