10521 In a taxi, on the kitchen table and the bed: where possible a full gaming?

In a taxi, on the kitchen table and the bed: where possible a full gaming?

The main problem of the modern gamer is to take a favorite pastime with them is not always obtained. But this does not mean that we are not trying — even if sometimes you have lots of wires and extension cords or to carry a hard brick. But now there are models of notebooks, which promise us all the delights of a full-fledged PC gaming without having to regularly drag of gravity… Or not? We decided to take a similar car and test it in unusual situations.

As Guinea pigs the editors chose the ASUS ROG GL502V weighing 2.34 kg, and me, a lowly journalist with a weight of 82 lbs. And has given the task: to play where I used to go without games altogether or restricted smartphone.


In the kitchen

In General an ideal variant — if you had to cook the dumplings, we had to interrupt the game session fifteen or twenty minutes, the laptop can reduce this time to five (plus another couple of minutes in total, periodic stirring of the brew).

Где возможен полноценный гейминг?

You’re home, with the native nimble Internet and mouse you can always take with them from the next room and put on the dining room table (the important thing is to brush away from his pre-all the crumbs). So that you can play in almost anything that you want the gamer wants. The only genre, which, as it turned out, you have to be careful — team shooters. The boiling pot on the stove and a mountain of delicious steaming dumplings under my nose do not enhance attention and concentration — time chance to escape and get a couple of hundred affectionate in a group chat is great as ever. You can explain as much as necessary — but the comrades will still be very disappointing due to the fact that a team Physician at a critical time not reached for uber-charge, and the schnitzel.


In the car on the back seat

We stand for the observance of etiquette. So if you drive up by car relatives or friends, it is better not to go head first into a virtual given and mutter something unintelligible in response to friendly questions. Otherwise the rest of your life will everywhere be reached solely on their own.

Another thing a taxi or a service like Uber where, like, no obligation to make small talk with the driver and unbearable to listen to God-awful music screaming from the radio. Anyway, that’s what I thought, opening the laptop on the back seat of a taxi. The driver obviously thought otherwise and desperately tried to talk. Very quickly it became clear that effectively to pay attention to the conversation and a serious game does not work, and from the new Mass Effect, as well as from Tyranny, we have to refuse. Helps Magic: The Gathering — at least for the remainder of the trip. And even it is a pity that it ends so fast I barely have time to get a taste.

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Где возможен полноценный гейминг?

“You must be a programmer working for?” — asks the taxi driver when I go out. “Something like that” — I answered evasively. Only then it turns out that he dropped me a passenger rating.


In the country

Generally cottage — a place to calm his nerves, the exploitation of child labor in the beds of the older generation, and of course, barbecue with friends and family. But it so happens that with the kebabs-it’s all right, but lazy friends to nature is not possible — one child stands in the school play as a second snowflake from the right, the other got sick beloved hamster, the third is just a vegetarian and in response to the offer to fry-grilled meat with no warning is a slap in the face. In such cases, a laptop with your favorite games — the best alternative to unpredictable human interaction.

Где возможен полноценный гейминг?

Full important thing for gaming is the availability of the Internet and of the mouse (if you prefer to play through the controller from the console, so be it, we won’t condemn you for it). With a mouse-problems during testing didn’t have any, but with the Internet… Maybe the occult is able to somehow bring to life a portable modem (designed just for such situations), there is, but to me it is unknown. In General, if you plan to play at the cottage in the same Counter-Strike, first make sure that the communication problems will not be. With the rest of any trouble should arise. And another tip is too addictive games like the Civilization, to choose not worth it, otherwise the kebabs will have to say goodbye.


At work or at University

Endless routine is able to bring to mind anyone, anywhere — and no matter whether you inject in the office or for University bench. Since even folk wisdom advises to mix business with idleness (and the computing power we have enough and more) — why not book for an hour one of the meeting rooms at work and not to retire there with a laptop ?

If there is a place to put the mouse (and in the office and at school, this problem does not happen), then the choice of genre, in General, not limited. All the spoils only time in leisurely Tyranny, for example, half an hour time, except that to create a character and play through the first (short) fight. But enough time for a round or two of multiplayer in anything else.

Где возможен полноценный гейминг?

But to overdo it is not worth it. Most network games are not so demanding on the part of the traffic. But if you feel an urge to download a sample of something newer — there is a nonzero probability that the whole office will remain limping on both legs the Internet, and workflow or greatly slow down or completely come to a grinding halt. And colleagues most likely not stupid (otherwise truly sorry) and notice that the intermittent connection started when you went to peregovory. So you very quickly will lead to clean water.

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Students in this sense more fortunate — if the University library has decent Internet, then just choose a table further away, which you will not get caught on duty teacher. And not to yell into the microphone: the other visitors do not necessarily know that you still believe that Rashit point B is an acceptable tactic.


Lying in bed

Our model is ASUS ROG GL502V weighs less than two and a half pounds, so the risk to step on some vital organs with it are equal to zero. Everything else is a matter of habit: loves to play, lying on back, on stomach or lap. Someone, on the contrary, lies on the stomach, and the laptop is put in front of him. Restless perverts like me changing position every forty minutes — the longer something is starting to go numb, tired, and sore spine.

Где возможен полноценный гейминг?

But in General to spend at least part of Sunday morning playing in the beloved bed — is quite real. That’s only for the mouse to stand well, very lazy — and this limited the number of available in the here and now genres easy entertainment like the same Magic: The Gathering and Plants vs Zombies. Evening-night gaming session, by contrast, has not worked — the neighbor on the bed was difficult to sleep and the noise of the fan, and the light from the monitor. If you have been living all alone and feel free to take to bed with a computer mouse — it offers almost everything to offer the modern industry.


In a commuter train

At first, I naively believed that the significant differences compared with the car — however, the morning electric train “Moscow — Noginsk” has an incomparable atmosphere. At first the computer it was even scary get — up that looked unfriendly neighbors on the car.

Где возможен полноценный гейминг?

But the further from Moscow the less people and the calmer atmosphere and therefore, less likely to provoke class conflict. About fifteen minutes later I took the risk to get a laptop and run a Magic: The Gathering and everything was perfect. Closer to the end station in the car and did almost no one had the time to extract from the depths of the bags the mouse and play, that is, with increased comfort. It is a pity that it was time to leave.


In a cafe

The presence of 17-inch laptop backpack great changes not only posture, but also the usual criteria for the choice of catering. If earlier it was possible to go to any fast food and enjoy to eat French fries, simultaneously poking at a smartphone, that now begins to torment the question, but if I can find a free table a bit bigger? Because the standard, for two people, barely enough to place the laptop, and the mouse put almost nowhere. Therefore, inevitably begin to look to institutions of the higher class — a trendy coffee shop with tables in the rustic style and napkins from Kraft paper, where the Barista at the hipster eye-glasses scare you terrible words “chemex”, “aeropress” and “RAF with lavender syrup and violet sugar.” But with free Wi-Fi in such places, as a rule, all right — and if on the table there is a place for additional input, and somewhere nearby there is a socket, then you can play almost all we will allow local Internet. In theory.

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Где возможен полноценный гейминг?

In practice, the connection is constantly lost, I always lost (and sometimes even couldn’t enter), every time I had to enter your phone number or to beg the password from the waiters, to connect to his network. Therefore, to save the nerves themselves and others, suggest single player. Freshly brewed, Venti (561 milliliter) — better support for shooters from any person. For example, I very cheerfully passed so the next piece of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but you can try a hand at DOOM or something like that. At a later time of day when you want something quieter and pozadanie — the time to run the latest Civilization or rich dialogues RPG, like the Tyranny or Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The results

When the laptop does not weigh three and a half, and certainly not terrifying four pounds, carry it around with you really is much easier and more convenient, even if it is about to move from the living room into the kitchen. This, of course, still not some ultra-light office laptop — but for something ultra-lightweight you’ll hardly be able to play at all, so that weight up to 2.5 kg seems quite a reasonable compromise between power and weight that is not too much burden even relatively fragile girl (on the condition that she wears it in the backpack, not shoulder bag). So the dimensions of the laptop ASUS ROG GL502V for gaming everywhere — more than satisfactory.

The main condition for a normal game is that there are at least mouse — to control the game with the touchpad, in principle possible, but often too inconvenient. Just do not hurt and fast Internet anyway, if you are going to play anything multiplayer. Subject to at least the first condition you really can play almost anything you want RS-boyar soul — at least until then, until enough battery charge. Well, if you have the opportunity to connect to the outlet, the possibilities really become limitless.

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