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In Odessa, launched the Yandex.Taxi

In Odessa began working with Yandex.Taxi
In Odessa started the Yandex.A taxi with its help it is possible to call the car — in app for iOS and Android or on the website taxi.yandex.ua. The order is automatically dispatched to the nearest driver, so the taxi arrives in five to ten minutes.

“Technology of allocation of orders allows to reduce not only waiting time, says Mushegh Sahakyan, head of international development Yandex.Taxi. — The driver does not have to go “blank” on the other end of the city, it saves time and gasoline, so the cost of travel is reduced. This enables us to offer passengers affordable prices”.

Taxi and the first two kilometers cost 14 hryvnia, further — 4,5 hryvnia per kilometer. The duration of the trip the cost is not affected. For example, to get around the city four kilometers, say, from the Central bus station to Opera house is approximately a 21 hryvnia. Drive through the countryside will cost a bit more: kilometer outside of Odessa is 6 hryvnia. If a passenger is delayed more than five minutes, each successive minute of waiting will cost 1.5 UAH. To pay for the trip while you can only cash — payment by credit card will appear later.

Now Odessa is connected to the service 350 machines of the 15 taxi companies-partners. If you are lucky, in February it’ll be the electric Tesla Model S.

Odessa — the fourth Ukrainian city, which started the Yandex.Taxi. Last year the service began to operate in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro. Besides Ukraine, the service can be used in five countries — Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia.

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In Odessa, launched the Yandex.Taxi

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