In Scotland learned how to enter text without fingers (2 photos + video)

В Шотландии научились вводить текст без пальцев (2 фото + видео)

Still the most powerful engine of progress is laziness. Once again not to strain any sensible head will come up with new ingenious technology and life once again becomes more comfortable, and even extra time will appear for communication. For example, a new invented technique will allow you to enter text without pressing buttons. How is this possible? Easy. The key is to learn to rotate your gadget.

In our days the communication we have occurs mostly in virtual form: we write emails and respond to them, communicate in social networks, comment on photos and posts online, and some people still work – I, for instance, when writing this text. To gain when get situated on the sofa or at your Desk, but if you go stand in the subway or walking down the street with bag in hand? To dial a text message in this mode, to put it mildly, not very convenient.

В Шотландии научились вводить текст без пальцев (2 фото + видео)

So here’s the problem and attended the University of St Andrews (Scotland). They developed an alternative and rather unusual version of the text in the gadget. The new product is called Shape Writing in Motion (SWiM), which in Russian sounds like “letter forms in motion”.
The way to really fundamentally new, because you no longer have to press your fingers over the letters and symbols from the risk of being wrong. After all, happened many times that the assistant T9 were given something that felt ashamed, and were themselves in a hurry were not recruited. The cursor itself will do all the work: the user will simply need to tilt your gadget in the desired direction that the cursor got to the right letter on the virtual keyboard.

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The idea is certainly interesting, but skeptics immediately the question arises: how long will it take to master this technique of typing? As it turned out, very few volunteers, which tested the new product, after half an hour typing in a fairly decent pace (32 words per minute), and after a few hours of their speed significantly increased.

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The developers are predicting to his invention of a great future. It would fit well, for example, in devices with large displays or other gadgets. Perhaps in the future it will be conducted under the adaptation and virtual reality. As example, consider a Sony PlayStation 4 which has already met something similar. Japanese console creators have ensured users the ability to move the cursor, not the analog stick, and using a gyroscope and accelerometer. Surprisingly, this managed to increase the speed of several times.


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