In South Korea, develop a train that can accelerate up to 1000 km/h

There is a strong likelihood that in the near future in South Korea will have a train that can reach speeds close to the speed of sound.

The development of such trains by order of the government of South Korea is currently engaged in railway research Institute (Korea Railroad Research Institute, KRRI).

The train will travel inside the tunnel from which air is pumped out, so it can accelerate to 1000 miles per hour. According to preliminary plans, the innovative “railroad” will connect Seoul and Busan. Now for the flight by plane between these two cities takes about 50 minutes whereas the journey by land transport takes at least five hours. In turn, ultra speed train can deliver passengers on the same route in 30 minutes.

В Южной Корее разрабатывают поезд, который сможет разгоняться до 1000 км.час - фото 1We hope to create ultra speed train that will travel inside tunnel low pressure” — say representatives of the Institute KRRI, — “currently we already have a number of existing technologies that will allow us to build a train line for him. And what we have yet, we will develop together with scientists and specialists from the University of Hanyang and other scientific institutions“.

It should be noted that the technology developed by Korean experts, and are very similar to the technology underlying the project Hyperloop. We will remind, the idea of this project belongs to Elon musk, founder of such companies as Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

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