In the network leaked sketches Xiaomi Mi6

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Eugene Lubnicki


In the network leaked sketches Xiaomi Mi6

Before the announcement of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 remained little more than a month, but the exact information about how it will look and what features it will have, is still there. It is known only that the “heart” of the Xiaomi Mi6 will be the Snapdragon processor 835. The design of the new flagship also remains in question. They sources claim that the smartphone will have a curved screen, and the part reported flat.

Today the network has flowed sketches Xiaomi Mi6, where you can see that the smartphone will get a flat screen without side frames. Despite rumours, the physical Home button with a fingerprint scanner was left in its place (below the screen). Also, judging by the sketches, the novelty will receive dual main camera, and USB connector Type-C.

В сеть утекли эскизы Xiaomi Mi6 - фото 1

В сеть утекли эскизы Xiaomi Mi6

В сеть утекли эскизы Xiaomi Mi6The most powerful version of the future flagship, according to rumors, will have OLED-display with a resolution of Quad HD and curved edges, 6 Gb of RAM and a ceramic case, as in the Mi Mix.

One of the most probable dates of the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi6 is considered to be April 16.

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