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In the photo editor Snapseed, a new tool


Snapseed is one of the main applications in the Arsenal of any mobile photographer. It allows with high accuracy to adjust the parameters of the image, as in professional programs for personal computers. Now Snapseed is even closer to its “older” counterparts, as this year’s first update to the photo editor has a new tool Curves for more precise control color and brightness of the image, how it is implemented in desktop applications.


The tool “Curves” gives you precise control over brightness levels and colors to create the look of your photos. If you are familiar with the curves of a desktop application, you will be able to immediately get to work. If you have not had experience with them, look at the presets that come with the tool.

Also in the new version of Snapseed was improved detection of individuals in newly added filter ‘Face’, improved grain quality in the filter “b/W”, and the Text tool have the opportunity to adjust the word wrap.

Source: ubergizmo.com

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In the photo editor Snapseed, a new tool

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